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Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion. Read more

Forming a family

“I will get you the next time, Jason”
“Hah! Like that would ever happen, Nick”
“Both of you were just lucky on this track. I´ll get ya the next time”, Greg said. Read more

The Age of Me

It was decades ago. Back then my name ws John. I was driving home after a long work day. It was raining, I could barely see, I got distracted and drove my car out the road. I hit my head and lost consciousness. My car fell inside a lake. I was drowning. Actually, I am pretty sure that for 2 seconds I was dead. Lighting hit my car. It reanimated me. I swam out of my car. As I reached the door asking for some one to help me. I realized somethings had changed. My voice was high pitched, my body looked different, more slender, plus, my skin was even lighter. Read more

I´m going for the hat trick and beyond!

“Hey Mitch! Guess what I´ve got!”
Greg, his friend from school held something behind his back.
“What?”, he asked curiosly
“I managed to snatch something from a hot girls bag at that place you know, Bikini Beach. We can use it with that magic medallion you had found”. Greg held up a polka dot bikini top.
“Gimme!”, Mitch snatched the top from Gary´s hands and examined it. The girl must have been stacked. This would be so good. Read more

Special cum

With every stroke of his cock Jan regressed by a year. Jan wanted to be 20 years old again. As she was 70 this required 50 strokes. However the more she did and regressed and became younger and hotter the more he wanted to shot his cum over her. She needed him to cum on her when she was 20 so that his cum would seal the age she desires. Only one more babe said Jan. Fuck he shouted as his cock covered Jan with his cum. Yes said Jan as she now got the young hot body she wanted

Perfect change

The special serum cream had worked for Maggie. She was no a 19 year old sexy woman and their was no traces of old 75 year old body. With her skin so smooth and soft, her arse toned and perfect and her breasts so beautiful and firm. Maggie was loving this young body. Maggie applied the serum to her face and watch her old wrinkly face smooth out to a young beautiful face. Maggie touch her face. My god it’s perfect she said, Maggie ripped off her old clothes and put on some more sexy fitted clothing. Maggie spend time admiring her new young self. Gliding her hands over her perfect body. And playing with her breasts. Maggie then slide her hand down to her tight and soft pussy and it with her acrylic nails. Getting wet and starting to groan Maggie knew it was time to get a young cock and fuck brains out. I need cum to fill my fucking pussy. Maggie left the house to find the first cock she could shag

Birthday present

Adam had given Jan Skelton the best 60th birthday present ever. Jan was really drunk at her party, Jan went up to Adam and said “God if was 40 years younger I would have you”. At first Jan laugh and then Adam said in a serious tone “Well how about it make it happen?” Jan just laughed “ok, make it happen!” After a few more drinks Jan went back to Adams hotel room. That night Adam fucked Jan hard, my god it’s been years since I have been fucked like this Jan screamed and then with his large hard cock Adam pumped her old wrinkly pussy with the youth cum. Jan started to watch her body get younger. Her saggy breasts firm up and got larger to a 36 DD. Her tummy tone up and her wrinkles smooth out and her skin began to smooth out and become soft. Her pussy getting tight and beautiful. Her wrinkly hands smoothed out and French manicure nails appear. Jan started to feel more energetic. Her legs toned and more slender. Her hair going from grey bits long soft brunette hair. Her face the wrinkles disappearing and become younger and more beautiful. At that point Jan laid on the bed exhausted. Oh my god that was amazing. Go and look in the mirror Adam said, confused Jan walked to the mirror. “Oh my god I am, am a girl” Jan was shocked to see that she had regressed back to a 20 year old. Jan spent a few moments taking in and playing with her new body. She turned to Adam and ran back into bed. “You was right” Jan she gave Adam a kiss and she laid next to him for a while stroking her nails on Adams chest. The next morning Jan woke up and looked at herself in the mirror and still couldn’t believe it. She slipped the White robe and exposed parts of her body. Morning babe said Jan stood there ready for sex, morning sexy said Adam. “I am going to get use to this easily” said Jan. Now fuck me with that hard cock said Jan as she walked over the bed and undid her robe. And then sucked Adam cock and then rode the cock until her wet pussy was filled with cum. From that day no one saw Jan again, she was reported missing. However no one knew that Adams new girlfriend was Jan and Jan kept quiet what had happened as she was enjoying being young again