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Beer Swap

I looked at the clock. The time was almost eight in the evening. The party should have started a time ago, which meant I could put the rest of my plan in motion. Read more

A temporary escape

After getting married and having kids my life was becoming dull. I was doing the same routine over and over again for twelve years now and i desperately needed a change. Lately i started to envy my younger brother. His life looked so much better. He found himself a nice girlfriend and they were traveling together while i was stuck at home with my wife and kids. Sure i also had done a lot of fun things with my wife when we were younger but those times are over. Read more

Not my problem

I’ll admit, jacking off to my brothers college girlfriend isn’t a cool move. Just my luck that i finished during the Forced Orgasm Swapping Event. Next thing i know, my chest feels heavy, i’m in a different room and i feel myself get pushed forward against a desk. Suddenly before i can even protest, i get a sudden intrusion in an area i’m pretty sure i shouldn’t have. Read more