Respects for disrespect

The old bitch was finally dead and I’m one of the few people at her funeral. I was hoping before she died she would have turned me back into a young man. I still would have come to her funeral, just not in a dress pretending to be her middle aged spinster daughter.

Miss Grimm was a terror on the block and everyone called her a witch. We had no idea how right we were when my friends and I decided to Toilet paper her house. They ran off quick when she came out, but I was caught and told I’d be punished properly. I was scared at thought she’d just call my parents and then I’d be forced to clean her yard, but the old witch had something more sinister and self serving in mind.

She had me come in and the house was creepy. I was probably the first visitor in years and it ticked all of the boxes for crazy old witch lady, black cats included. I just wanted to run away, but I had no control under her eyes. Sitting at her table she forced me to drink a potion and that’s when things got worse. My insides heaved and I felt myself shrinking from my tall teenage frame as my shirt became baggier on me and my feet shrank in my shoes. However, my hips and butt began to widen and stretch my jeans.

I swear she cackled as she smiled at her work, “youth is wasted on the young as is male exuberance”. At that point I was finally able to move my tongue and a scream erupted from my lips. I stopped short with a big gasp and my smaller hands went to my changed face. She’d stolen my youth and my manhood as I was now a middle aged woman. My hands ran down my changed body as I squeezed my saggy boobs, felt my widened hips, and the flatness at my crotch that gave me the tingles.

She said my punishment was to be her caretaker and that I would now be pretending to be her adult daughter. It wasn’t long till she had me in a skirt and thankfully she gave me some spending money to dress myself properly as she had me go out and do all of the errands. It was all I could do not to tear up whenever I saw my Mom out shopping or my friends at the park.

Thankfully, Miss Grimm wasn’t long for this world despite her magic. Unfortunately the last few months had me wiping her butt and other indignities. She kept toying with me saying she would revert me back, but she still needed me for now. Till finally she was gone and I was still seen as her daughter and not some teenage boy prisoner.

It may be my maturity and these female hormones, but I did feel sorry for her and the disrespect I gave her. Once I clean up her estate I’ll try to continue what’s left of my new older life. Who knows, maybe I can at least become friends with my real mother.


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