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The Final Fight

In the Underground Ring, everything was allowed. Gouging eyeballs. Kicking groins. Stomping heads. Quite a bunch of my opponents became disabled, but they knew what they were getting into. It’s the first thing you’re told–everything was allowed except carrying weapons. I’ve made quite a fortune off crushing my opponents in the Underground Ring, being the undefeated champion and all. I knew my day would come… but not like this. Never have I imagined my eventual defeat would be like this. Read more

Bath Oils

It was getting out of hand, at least a part of you knew that, but no matter how much you tried you just couldn’t stop it. The part of you that didn’t want this was each time smaller, weaker. Just how long did you have left? Read more

The Gifted: Victor Whales

An event happened the previous night, a strange red lightning storm struck six random people last night with bolts of said red lightning. They appeared to be fine…until they learned what it gave them. Read more