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Tied up

The rope was magical in nature, meant to completely subdue whoever was caught in it and render them completely docile to their captors. Or so the label read. You had believed it a joke when your roommate showed it to you, laughed when he dared you to be tied up in it. You humouring Dan to use these complex and apparently useless knots all over your body was probably also because you had a buzz going. Read more

MateMakers: Daring

“Daring.” The word was spoken straight into my mind the moment the hood was taken off, the very well built woman standing in front of my shooting me a look of determination that sent shudders through my body. Read more

MateMakers: Timid

I stood anxiously in the room, eyes flickering towards the door every now and again, wondering if this had been a good decision. I wasn’t even sure if this was a place he belonged at all! Just a look at the furniture around me made the me feel painfully out of place. Just the sofa he was sitting on was probably worth over a year of rent! Read more

MateMakers: Desire

I’m on my knees, can’t see, there’s something over my head that keeps me from seeing anything. I try to struggle, try to break out, but the only thing I manage is to grunt fruitlessly against the gag. I just don’t know what else to do, they’ve been changing me, they… Read more

Bath Oils

It was getting out of hand, at least a part of you knew that, but no matter how much you tried you just couldn’t stop it. The part of you that didn’t want this was each time smaller, weaker. Just how long did you have left? Read more

Listen to me

That’s right, listen to my voice. My sexy female voice. You can feel it can’t you? It’s making you hot, turning you on. Put your hand into your trousers Carl, that’s right, you can feel yourself getting hard for me. You can’t hang up can you? It’s just so addicting to hear my voice whisper in your ear. Read more

MateMakers: Domestic

I stood before her with a broad grin, her body fitting perfectly into what I’d wanted her to become, every lush curve and inch of unblemished skin tantamount to perfection. Her incessant struggling against the two brutes was the one thing that would’ve perhaps damaged her image of being my ideal woman. Read more