Easy Money

“Erm.” I grunted as Amy thrusted hard into me. “So, like, I get the general concept. People will pay more to see two girls fucking.”

“Yep.” She caressed my ass, and I bit my lip as she sped up, working me with the strapon. “Especially when one of them is a nice piece of ass like you.”

I swallowed hard. “But uh, shouldn’t I be the… driver? Since I was the guy?”

Her chuckle sounded somewhat condescending. That had to be my imagination. “No, trust me babe. You’re definitely bottom material. Focus groups don’t lie. I’ve got people lining up to donate for our session tomorrow.” She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Especially when I take your ass.”

I tried to jerk away, but her hands were firm and she pushed forward quickly, making me gasp as she bottomed out. My voice was panicky. “Whoa! No no, my ass is off limits.”

Moving her hands up, she pushed me down. With the new angle she started really pounding me, and I flushed as I started moaning. I just couldn’t help it. She sounded contemplative. “How about I make you a deal? You let me fuck your ass, and if you don’t cum we’ll buy that new TV you wanted.” She made an appreciative sound at the end, and I knew the other end of the dildo was doing its job.

I boggled. “T-that’s…. that’s two grand.”

“Mmhmm.” She sounded distracted now. “Told you people want to see your cute butt ravaged.”

I tried to think. That was a really nice TV… but I had to make her play fair. “F-fine. But you can’t play with my pussy.” I considered. “Or my tits. O-or my neck.” I flushed as she melded her body to mine and bit my neck softly to demonstrate, making me squeal.

She sped up even further, and my moans were continuous. “Deal.” She sounded out of breath. “I fuck you up the ass with a vibrator and no other stimulation, and if you don’t cum we buy you a TV.” Then she slid her hands under me, unerringly finding my nipples, and my orgasm peaked. I screamed her name as she fucked me through it, and I felt it when she reached her own, shaking and trembling on top of me as I lay there limp and exhausted.

She collapsed on top of me, and I squeaked as her plastic cock fully re-invaded my sensitive vagina. After a moment she idly started playing with my tits again, but I tried to put it out of my mind. I wasn’t ready again yet, and there was something about that last sentence…

My eyes went wide. “W-wait! What do you mean, vibrator?!”


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