Something in the Wine

Emmett knew they shouldn’t have gone to that sketchy liquor store. In retrospect, not asking for ID should have been a huge red flag, but they’d been too busy celebrating their good fortune to notice.

Underage drinking happens all over the place no matter where you go, and Emmett’s college town was no exception. Running low on liquor in their apartment and with a Friday night coming up, Emmett and his friends had headed out hoping to find a way to pick up some alcohol. Their over 21 friends were all either not willing or simply not around to make this particular alcohol run, so Emmett and his friends decided to take a chance on this new liquor store they’d noticed had just opened up in town and thus might not be as methodical when it came to checking fake IDs and the like.

As it turned out, buying the liquor, a variety of cases of beer, vodka and wine, was the easy part. The cashier had just winked at them and processed the transaction without even asking for ID—-which, of course, was bizarre.

And that was what was bugging Emmett. It shouldn’t have been that easy. The wine tasted kind of funny, but it was still clearly the real stuff. As he washed his hands in the bathroom he pondered why, exactly, anyone would just let underage drinking slide like that—-and stopped dead in his tracks.

In the place of his friends six dress wearing co-eds stood holding wine glasses. “Emma! Welcome back, girlie!” They cheered……and Emmett did a double take. Emma?

Emmett’s last male thought before the magic transformed him was “there must have been something in the wine”….


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