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Photoshop was Henry’s program of choice to alter girl’s pictures more to his liking. His girlfriend caught him doing this one Saturday afternoon, and was not pleased. Read more

Making Sure The Program Works pt. 2

A month and a half has gone by ever sine Stephen changed his best buddy into a hot, bimbo, slut named Julie, who doesn’t remember ever being Julian, the co-founder of the program that eventually changed him. Steph as been very liberal in his actions, changing “Julie” almost at will. He has made her black, brunette, classy, a teen, and even once a dominatrix. In other words, Steph has been in a complete paradise ever since the program worked on his buddy. It worked so well on him, that he has never tried using it on other people in fear it will mess up Julie. She has been caring for him, cooking for him, being his little fuck-puppet, however she didn’t care. The program has made Julie love doing this of course, and Steph loves every minute of being served. Read more


The balance equation is called. It was a special ability I was borned with, but it developed when I became a teenager. Whenever there are more men than women in a room, I transform myself into a woman. I have no control over it, but the transformation usually kicks in after 10 or so minutes. Whenever the balance between men and women is inverted, I transform back into a man. Read more