About the future (Rhea 3)

A few days ago, thanks to Rhea, my own genie, I had started my new life as Amy. I started dating a guy named John. I knew he had a crush on me, and that made me feel sexy. I was happy everything was perfect, but when I told Rhea about John, she told me that was a mistake, I was supposed to date a guy named James. I immidiately asked her why wasn’t I supposed to date John, he was hot, and he liked me, to which Rhea replied, “He is not a good person. If you want I can show you why, but be careful, you might not like what you see” she said.

“ok, very well, I do want to find out what my life will be if I stay with John. I wish to see and experience one year of my future, if I stay with John”. Rhea then replied, “very well, I wish you had asked for a shorter time, but oh well. See you in a year. Wish granted”. She then turned into a cloud of pink smoke, and as usual, the smoke covered me whole. This time, the smoke didn’t just dissipate, I formed up from it. It felt really weird. I was looking at my reflection, I looked about 10 years older, but as expected, I was still Amy. Somehow I was wearing Rhea’s clothes. Everything from her jewelry, her tiara, her skimpy clothes, everything.

Then, I heard a man’s voice, “there you are”. I looked back, and saw John, he was still as good looking as I remembered him, to my surprise I said “Hello master, what can I do for you?”; somehow Rhea was gone, and I was a genie now. “I wish for you to have sex with me” he said. “Wish granted” I said, The mere fact of granting his wish felt orgasmic. I got on all fours. I felt his thing inside of me, it felt good, it felt even better as a genie than as a mortal woman. All I could do is moan. “more master more!”. We did it so many ways, I even lost count. Except something was wrong, I couldn’t come. “Master please wish me to come” I said. But he ignored me and continued doing his thing.

After sex, he then said, “wow I am thirsty. I wish I had a cold drink”, to which I replied, “wish granted master”, and I made a beer appear in his hands. I felt an orgasm again. Something was wrong, Rhea was only able to grant one wish a day, plus she couldn’t make stuff appear out of thin air. I didn’t know what had happened, but whatever it was, Rhea had completely vanished, I was now a genie, and under the control of John. I still have 364 days to go, before I go back to my former self.


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