The girl at the party

After the costume party I just couldn’t stop thinking about Kim. She was this cute asian girl I met there. “I think I have a crush” I thought. As I entered my appartment, I just couldn’t stop talking about her. My roommates were kind of upset, “Talk about something else! if you like her so much, why don’t you go live with her”.

That night, when I went to bed, I continued thinking about her. The ribbons she was wearing on both her wrists. The orange skirt she was wearing. One thing led to another, and I started rubbing one out. I don’t remember much after that, I must have passed out. In the morning, as expected I started to think about her again. but this time, as I reached downthere, I felt a slit instead of my equipment. I looked at my hands, they were feminine, and I was wearing red ribbons just like Kim. “what the?” I said hearing Kim’s cute high pitched voice. I touched my chest, and felt two small but cute breasts.

I was afraid to check again, but I used my left hand to check for my equipment, and indeed it was gone. This time, my finger touched my clit. And oh god, it felt good. I started massaging it. I used my right hand to massage and pinch my nipples. I got wet in less than a couple of seconds. I knew what to do, I got up, and looked for my cellphone, I called my former self, he was clueless about the change. I invited him over, and a few minutes later he showed up at my place, and we were having sex.

He moved out of his place, and moved in with me. Ever since that day, we have been a couple. I don’t have any of Kim’s memories, but that’s not important. I am just hoping he proposes soon. I love him very much.


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