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It was perfect. Not only I had I received a text message from Adriana, but I have realized what was happening. As you know, everynight I was dreaming I was a brazilian girl named Adriana. The dream felt so real, I was sure, it wasn’t only a dream, I was possessing her during my sleep time. To prove my theory I used Adriana’s phone to send myself a picture of her. And to much of my surprise, it did work. I had Adriana’s picture to prove it. Read more

Candy 3

God knows we tried. After having sex with my best friend. He then proposed we should try something different, “So, blue transformed me into a strong man, and pink transformed you into a hot redhead?” he asked, I nodded. “Well, I feel like experimenting a bit” he said, while grabbing a pink candy from my purse and chewing it. Read more

About the future (Rhea 3)

A few days ago, thanks to Rhea, my own genie, I had started my new life as Amy. I started dating a guy named John. I knew he had a crush on me, and that made me feel sexy. I was happy everything was perfect, but when I told Rhea about John, she told me that was a mistake, I was supposed to date a guy named James. I immidiately asked her why wasn’t I supposed to date John, he was hot, and he liked me, to which Rhea replied, “He is not a good person. If you want I can show you why, but be careful, you might not like what you see” she said. Read more

Repercussions (Pranked 3)

When people kept telling me my sister Kim and her friends were the slutiest girls on campus, I couldn’t believe it. But I had to find out, so one day, I went to her appartment to confront her. But she wasn’t home. I knew she used to hide her key under the front door mat, so after picking it up, I unlocked the door, and entered her appartment. Read more

Shapeshifting curse – something different (part 3)

After taking a shower I got dressed and went downstairs. “James, I have to try something… I want to turn to my former maleself for a couple of hours… you don’t mind… don’t you?” I don’t know why, but I felt the need for his approval. “I knew it wouldn’t last long anyways. So anything you want” he said and then kissed me. I felt even more attracted to him, but anyways, I concentrated, and in no time I was back to being a man. Read more

The dream (New job 3)

After having the weirdest day of my life, I fell asleep with quite an ease. In my dream I wasn’t wearing anybody suit, I was back to my maleself. I filled up my bathtub, and got in. The water was warm, and the soap I was using was relaxing. A few minutes after I noticed my skin was getting kind of wrinkly, so I started peeling it off. With each chunk I took, I revealed a feminine body below it. When I was done, I was a girl again. But this time, I wasn’t scared, it just felt right. I stayed in the tub for hours, just relaxing, admiring my new body. Read more