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Andrew had just catched a glimpse of the most beautifull girl ever. He didn’t know why, but he just had to walk towards her. “Hello, my name is Andr…” he hadn’t even finished that sentence, when the girl looked up and started directly at his eyes. Her eyes looked weird, and Andrew couldn’t stop looking at them. Although the girl didn’t move her mouth, Andrew could hear her. “You! you will be mine” the girl said inside Andrew’s mind. “Lets go slave, take me home”. Andrew didn’t say a thing either, he took the girl in his arms, and took her to his car. Read more

All Your Fault

“Wow, you’re looking chipper.” Margaret said to her son Tyler, currently occupying her body while she was in his, the result of a spell she cast on the two of them. “And scantily clad… And sweaty. What’s going on?” Read more

When in Rome…

Lately it has been a rough go at it for our pal Wyatt here, he has gotten laid off from his job, his girlfriend moved away, and his rent for his apartment just went up. He seemed lost, he’s had a hard time finding another job and he can’t quite hook up with the right ladies at the bar. Read more

Not what it looks like

I know what it looks like, but that is not the case. What looks like a tv and that movie about two girls making out is the real world. I live inside a dvd, and that tv is my only window to the real world. A decade ago I was cursed, transformed into a woman, and trapped inside this dvd. I am living a lonely life, alone inside this house, there was no way out. I have gotten used to it, but it wasn’t always the case. Read more

In the Game

“Oh, hello. I was wondering if I was ever going to get some company. Okay, what I’m about to tell you, just try not to panic, okay?” Read more

Mirrored reality (part 1)

I still don’t know why it happened, but one moment I was looking at myself in the mirror, and suddenly I was inside the mirror looking at what I can only call my realself. I had lost control of my body, I was doing whatever my formerself was doing. I was no longer real, I was just a reflection of myself. My formerself was acting as if nothing had happened, and I was trapped, doing exactly what he was doing. Read more

Hold your breath

When I found her there were no signs of life. I felt aroused, and that was clearly very wrong, but here was a totally naked woman and she was unconscious, yes I had some sick thoughts of what I might do but I didn’t act on them. I called for an ambulance. Read more


For what felt like the millionth time I stoop up from my kneeling position back onto my pink heals. My master laid back satisfied, his dick still hard and covered in my spit. I could still taste his cum in my mouth as I smiled at him and giggled, before mincing into the kitchen to continue my daily duties- cooking, cleaning and answering the every whim of my master. Read more

Mirrored Reality (part 2)

Since that faithfull day when I got trapped inside a mirror, my life had changed for the better. I was no longer a man, but I did enjoy being Emily. I refrained to look at myself in the mirror for days. I was afraid I would get trapped again. One day, I caught a glimpse of myself, “Wow, I am really hot” I thought, “I love being a woman”. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror. But thankfully, nothing happened. Later that day, I went out on a date with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he invited me to his place. Read more