Misplaced (Pranked 4)

Not too long ago I had been victim of a prank. John, my so called friend and roommate had used a magic dildo to transform me and my friend James into bimbos. We fell into his trap rather easily, after all, who wouldn’t touch the out of place dildo, even if it is to get rid of it. The good thing about it, is that John got a taste of his own medicine when he accidentally touched the dildo too. All three of us were then new sluts at school. I slept with so many guys, gave so many blowjobs that even lost count.

One day, for no reason at all, I woke up feeling different. I was still a woman, a straight woman, but I didn’t feel like a bimbo anymore. I moved our of the appartment, and went to live somewhere else, away from my bimbo friends. Kim and Jane never went through the same fate than I, they are still bimbos, and by the looks of it, will be forever. Anyways, I started a serious relationship, with a guy named Kyle. He was fun, and I really liked him. One day, Jane, Kim, her sister and another bimbo I didn’t know showed up at my place, they wanted me to go out clubbing with them “we want to meet some guys, and you know” Kim said, “an orgy sounds fun” Jane said. I thanked them for the invitation, but I was in a serious relationship now. They didn’t try to convince me or anything, they just left.

I took a shower, and started to get ready for my date with Kyle. He knocked at my door, I wasn’t ready yet, so I asked to wait at my room, while I was still in the bathroom applying makeup. I could hear Kyle watching tv, but suddenly I heard some moaning, “was he watching porn?” I asked myself. I immidiately stepped out of the bathroom, and was surprised to find a completely naked and hot redhead, going at it with a pink dildo, actually with THE pink dildo. Kyle’s clothes were on the floor. I knew exactly what had happened. “Kyle?” I asked, she paused what she was doing and answered “Kayla”. My boyfriend was gone, and another bimbo was borned. I gave her some of the sluttiest clothes I used to wear. Grapped the dildo inside a shirt, being carefull not to touch it, and gave it to her. After kicking Kayla out of my place, I called Kim, “I got a friend for you waiting outside my place, I hope you’re happy”, she just giggled. I knew she intended for me to touch the dildo and become a bimbo again, but instead, they transformed my boyfriend into one of them.

They were waiting outside, immidiately after I called, they picked her up and left. I was so upset, I had found the perfect guy, I was finally enjoying life and they took it away from me.


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