A swap party (Part 6)

So many things happened in this game. I am now my best friend’s girlfriend (and I even have her mannerisms), my girlfriend became a living wet dream to “me” (who was really Jess, my best friend’s girlfriend, stuck in my body, not remembering that she used to be a girl)…

Anyway, it was now Tom’s turn, and as expected, his card didn’t solve anything and made everything worse. “Age displacement” is what he got.
He became a lot younger, and gave me some of his years, making me an older version of Jess.
It was weird being an older woman but I strangely liked it.

Kim then picked a “Gender swap” card. Sadly, she had to swap with Tom. I watched as my girlfriend became a muscular bearded guy, and my “boyfriend” a little teenage girl.
I’m guessing that’s what they would have looked like if they were born the other gender…

I was happy with the card I picked. I got an increase in IQ. I couldn’t really feel a difference but I noticed I felt… more “mature”, in a way. I was looking differently at Tom, who now seemed a little more dumb. But maybe that was just his new body.

John then picked the same card as Tom. “Age displacement”. He became a bit older than me, while Kim slowly morphed into a little boy. We really started to look like a family now…


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