Rude Customer

My wife,Rose, and I wondered into this new store earlier today…Bella’s was the name. She was looking for some new lingerie to spice things up for us in the bedroom.

The saleswoman-Bella- perhaps the owner of the store as well, seemed a bit odd. She paid a lot of attention to what my wife wanted, but she just seemed to ignore me.

“Honey, this place is way overpriced for this junk” I said fairly loudly, earning a glare from Bella. “And the saleswoman is rude.”

Rose looked aghast. “Come on Jeremy, lets go. I can’t take you out in public.”

Bella approached us, “Before you two go,could I interest you in some free chewing gum? I ordered too much apparently.”

Well that was weird…but whatever. I’m not turning down free anything.

We got in the car and drove in silence until we got home. She grabbed a piece of gum from the pack, and stormed off upstairs. Whoops I had really messed up this time. But the place was way too overpriced!

I had a sudden craving for the gum as well. It was odd that there was only one piece left for a new pack. Since when do these things come with only 2 pieces. I unwrapped the piece, tossed it in my mouth, and sat down on the couch to watch some tv.

I had been chewing for a couple of minutes when I brushed some hair out of my face. Wait…I have a crew cut? That doesn’t make any sense. Oh well, this show is really interesting.

I felt like I was chewing a bit more vigorously all the sudden- almost like it was an automatic reflex. I laid out on the couch- why were my feet not reaching the end of the couch anymore?

Then with each chew, something was happening on my chest. Boobs? I don’t have boobs, I’m a man. Thats ridiculous. Back to the show. Still chewing, dang this gum is long lasting.

I noticed that my butt was suddenly causing me to stick out of the couch a bit more. And my legs…Are they looking a bit funny. If I saw my legs on a woman I’d think they were gorgeous.

Wow, my balls really itch… better handle that. Wait- those aren’t balls. Whats going on?

I jumped off of the couch and stripped off my clothes. This isn’t my body- this is a beautiful womans body. I’m a beautiful woman though.
Wait? What? What is going on with my head. I’m a manly man,and I’ve always been…a woman.

All of the sudden I felt something grab me from behind. Something very rugged, and with a giant hard dick sticking in to my lower back. He pushed me to the floor.

“Jeremy- I’m so sick of you being so rude in public. I’m not sure what has happened. All I know is that I am most definitely a man with some urges to fill, and since you were quite the bitch earlier today, I’m going to make sure you please your man.”

And with that, Rose bent me over. What is going on?

“I’m sorry for being rude honey. I wont do it again. But please I don’t want to be a man anymore” No I meant to say be a woman anymore… why did something else come out. “Please baby, please fuck me!” NO NO NO. STOP THIS ISNT ME.

“Oh GOD!” I shouted as Rose thrust into me. “Oh God I love you baby”.

“Serves him right for being a rude customer” I laughed while watching Jeremy get fucked through my magic mirror. “I’m sure Ross and Jenn will have a nice life together now.”


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