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Strange mother

The strangest thing happened to my girlfriend and I. We were peacefully watching TV when her mother came into the room, pointing some sort of remote control at us. She laughed and hit the main button. A flash of light hit us, and when we came back to ourselves we weren’t in our bodies any longer.
I was in my girlfriend’s body, my girlfriend became her mom, and she became me. Read more

A Family Swap (Part 1)

As I was listening to my dad, I couldn’t help but sigh. One of his invention malfunctioned and now I am in my mother’s body. It would have been fine if I had to stay like this for only a few minutes but apparently the machine was broken now… Read more

Swap with her

Teehee, wow, his hands are so huge! I totally love it when he caresses my boobs like that. Mmmh, life as Stacy is going to be awesome, I can feel it.
Hopefully, Mark doesn’t know that it’s really me inside his girlfriend’s body. I can’t believe she agreed to swap bodies with me!
I wish her good luck with my old life. A silly job, a boring girlfriend, a crappy flat… I’m so glad I’m her now.
God, I’m getting addicted to this. John will wonder why his girlfriend suddenly became a sex-craved bimbo, but who cares? *giggle*

New Me

I’ve always been a bit of an outcast. You know, the kind of guy who’s alone most of the time, or hanging out with strange guys like him.
I was into metal music, didn’t like going out in public, never dated any girl… Read more

Getting laid like a man

Wow, so that’s how it feels. This is awesome. I can’t help but laugh when I think that I’m only a guy for a few minutes and I’m already getting laid like this… Some of the guys I knew would have killed for being where I am now.
Especially Mark and Daniel, but I guess they are quite happy about being who they are now. Read more


“One of my friend, Samantha, wanted to teach me lesson by swapping bodies with me. She said that I was too macho, misogynistic or whatever. Apparently, you can’t say that girls would have sex with anyone, that they just like it. It’s true, right? It doesn’t matter the guy, as long as the sex is good, they would just do it.
Anyway, that’s what I think, and the fact that I’m in her sexy fit body won’t change a thing. Quite the opposite, I will just prove it to her, and I know just how to do that…” Read more

Swap party turned wrong

It all started as a silly card game. We didn’t know what we were getting into.
I was at a party with some friends when someone brought this ancient deck. He said he found that in his attic and wanted to try it out with us. Read more

Cuddle the cat

When I look back, the fact that my experiment failed is not such a bad thing.
Of course, it blew up half of my house, but my cat Cuddle and I survived. We were both altered by the experience but at least we were alive!
Sure, I wasn’t happy about becoming a woman, but I became younger in the process, which was a quite good thing I would say.
And, at first, I thought that the fact that my cat had become a woman just like me would be an issue, but now I realise that it has some advantages…

Cheating ex

I don’t know how, but my girlfriend somehow knew I was cheating on her. She broke up with me, and a few weeks later, she devised a plan to get revenge on me.
She said that I had broken her, and that she didn’t deserve that. She told me I should be the one who shouldn’t have anything left.
In the blink of an eye, I found myself in her body. She wandered off in my body, and went on with my life. She continued to see the girl I cheated her on with, and that drove me crazy. I was starting to get jealous of this girl… I also started to look back on my relationship and was now see it with a different eye.
I’m guessing she must have played with my mind somehow, I was starting to think exactly like her! And I realised that “I” really had lost everything. This relationship was very important to me… and now I was on my own. Read more


I was about to write my 100th caption when I received an email from an Open TG Captions’ user. Evidently, he told me that he loved the website (who doesn’t?) and noted that it must have been quite some work. I smiled as I continued to read his mail.
He told me that he had found a strange spell that could only be used once. He thought about using it for himself, but was a bit scared of the possible side effects.
As I kept on reading, I understood that the spell was — somehow — hidden in the mail. I was already feeling its effects. The last words I could read were “Enjoy your holidays, you deserve them!” Read more