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Strange mother

The strangest thing happened to my girlfriend and I. We were peacefully watching TV when her mother came into the room, pointing some sort of remote control at us. She laughed and hit the main button. A flash of light hit us, and when we came back to ourselves we weren’t in our bodies any longer.
I was in my girlfriend’s body, my girlfriend became her mom, and she became me. Read more

To have and to hold

Lawrence and Sarah married for selfish reasons; him for her beauty, her for his wealth. They were good friends but neither truly loved the other, and both missed the chaos and excitement of single life. In most circumstances this would mean divorce, but Sarah had heard of an exciting new form of couples counseling that used state-of-the-art technology to help spouses connect with one another. They both thought it would be worth a try. Read more

A great couple

I hated Tom for transforming me. I wanted to kick him in the nuts. I sure didn’t want to be a woman. But as I was about to, he said something that changed my mind. “But you are so beautiful, and I would surely like to date a girl as cute as you” he said. I stopped what I was doing, I tilted my head, I couldn’t believe he had just said that. “Aww… He’s so cute too” I thought. I wanted to kiss him, but I refrained by biting my lips. Read more

FemaleFlu: Picnic

picnics are a thing my wife and I do a lot, we are practically experts.
we know the places, we know the blanket, and most importantly we knew the food. when it comes to food we don’t hold back.
we bake pies days before we go, have a cabinet specifically for saving food for picnics. Read more

Seeing it from another angle

Carla didn´t think it was possible being so aroused like she was now in her boyfriends body. An magical artifact had swapped their bodies a couple of days ago and now they were in the bed together and about to have intercourse. Read more

Ultimate App: Always ask for permission

Nathan and Tina, boyfriend and girlfriend, had already played around a bit with the Ultimate App, a phone application that will let you change anything about you, ranging from the size of your foot to your preferred choice of candy.
It had been harmless fun and Nathan began to realise what power he wielded in that little phone. Read more

Strange Taste in Music

Ugh, Mat has the weirdest taste in music. It was nice of him to lend me his ipod while I tanned, but what even is this stuff he put on for me. I guess it was OK as a relaxation mix, but these titles are absurd. “Malleability of the Mind,” “Let the Brain Sculpt the Body,” “Forging of a Goddess,” “Remembering the You that always was,” it just goes on and on and on. Read more

A few lessons

Tabby and Mark’s relationship was great except for one thing. Tabby was awful at fellatio. Mark tried time and again to guide her, but she just didn’t get it. Mark missed getting good head, but it was because Tabby got so upset that she couldn’t please her man that drove Mark to take desperate action. Read more

The Psychiatrist

My wife left me earlier this week. To cope, I had to take on more clients at my psychiatry practice. I figured sorting out other people’s problems would help me adjust to my own. Read more