Easy A

Andrew (17) always wondered how his classmate Holly (17) was acing Mr. Almanza’s physics class. The class average was about a C, yet she was the only one with an A. It seems he was going to find out since him and Holly were chosen to switch with each other for Swap Class. Later that day, he headed into Holly’s 4th period class with Mr. Almanza. He sat at his desk, still getting used to his new body, constantly glancing down, seeing his new chest barely covered in the tank top he was now wearing. During class, as he tried to pay attention to what Mr. Almanza was teaching, he felt his new body act strangely every time he looked at the teacher. He noticed a wetness between his legs and realized that his body was becoming aroused. He finally snapped out of it when the lunch bell rang. As him and the rest of class were getting ready to leave, Mr. Almanza asked him to stay. As the class left, Mr. Almanza walked closer to Andrew and kissed him. Andrew, feeling his body react, kissed back and the next thing he knew, he was pinned against the chalkboard watching his teacher thrust in and out of him. Andrew had a hard time trying not to moan louder than he already was. After their little classroom fun, Andrew decided to tell Mr. Almanza that he wasn’t Holly. The look on his face was priceless, especially since Andrew told him he would keep things quiet if he got an A for the year. Although, Andrew went back a couple of times during the week for a little “extra credit.”


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