A letter from daughter

Dear daddy,

You’re probably wondering what happened to you, why out of a sudden you changed into a girl. To be honest it was my doing, it’s not that i hate you, i just wanted you to understand what a teenage girl can feel and what sort of problems we have to face. It was a hard decison but i think i did the right thing. You never really cared about my feelings, not even tried to pretend. You always ignored me and what was going on in my life, now you can expirience the things i went through. You’re still my dad so i couldn’t make your life a living hell, although that was my plan at first. Don’t worry, i’ve actually made it very nice for you. Your new dad is the perfect example of what you could be. He’s loving and cares a lot about his little girl, trust me you will like him. What else i can tell you about your new life? Your name is Madison, you’re pretty and very popular at school, you’re good at sports and you have a cute and smart boyfriend. As you can see your life is not so bad after all, i even envy you. If you want to know how’s mom then i can only assure you she’s very happy with her new husband, and i think i will accept him as my dad. That’s all i wanted to tell you. I hope you will find yourself in your new life, i hope you don’t mind, i really think it will be better for you.

Your loving daughter,



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