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Sweet revenge

Kyle was plotting his revenge for the past month. He couldn’t forgive his friend, Luke for using the spell that caused him to swap bodies with a woman. Now Kyle was trapped as a hot, horny brunette for the rest of his life. The spell even controled his mind so Kyle acted like the woman whose body he had right now. It was a nightmare, he already slept with a dozen of men and wasn’t about to quit. But now Kyle had the spell and soon he will use it on Luke. Read more

Whatever you do to her

“Whatever are you going to do to my daughter I’m going to do to you, with some bonus” Those were the words my girlfriend’s father told me before we left for the prom. Lisa was his little princess and it was his mission to protect her. Being an ex military and a single father Mr. Holms was a difficult obstacle between me and Lisa. I made the most innocent smile i could and assured that his daughter is safe. Judging by the look on his face he didn’t belive me. Read more

A new start

Roger brushed the long hair that fell on his face and slung down his smooth feminine legs on the floor. He was sitting on the bed trying to get fully awake. Wincing his cute girly face he stood up, feeling an odd jiggle on his chest, something he didn’t get quite used to. Half asleep Roger went to the bathroom where he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. Seeing the teenage girl staring back at him Roger let out a sight. To think that it’s all because some stupid quarrel with his daughter. If he didn’t say the words that pissed her off he would still be his normal, 45 years old self. Instead now he was 17 and on top of that a girl. Read more

No longer afraid (@jc123)

Jess stood before the mirror and begin her morning routine. Looking at her reflection she could still hardly belive that it wasn’t so long ago when she stood before the same mirror, shaving her facial hair. Now she didn’t have any facial hair, she was no longer the man she used to be. Read more

In my mother’s shoes

I gave myself one last look in the mirror before I made sure I can go out like this. My hair was done perfectly just like my makeup, the dress was elegant and it was nicely showing my figure. I have never looked at this body in that way, considering it’s my mom’s body but I must admit that I look great. Still I would prefer to stay at home instead of going out with my hus… I mean father to a fancy restaurant. How did I end up in my mom’s body? It started after another argument. Read more

New coworker

I was in a very bad mood, just like everyday before starting work. The thoughts that I will have to spend eight hours with that asshole, Mike only made me feel worse. Mike was an immature, cocky jerk and my coworker, unfortunately. I thought that I will never have to face being bullied after I finished highschool. That was when I started to work at this company. Mike made me his punching bag and there wasn’t a day he will give me some rest. The worst was that he was the son of my boss meaning that I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Read more


I was born in 1810 as a man named Joseph. My life didn’t differ from the others until I found out about my powers. I had the ability to drain youth from women while having sex. At first I was afraid of using it but the eternal youth was too tempting. So i begin to seduce women only to have sex and drain their youth for myself. I wasn’t curel so i only took a bit of it from each woman i slept with. Enough for them to not notice and enough for me to keep myself in my thirtees and twenties. Read more