Things forgotten, things remembered

Joe shuddered and felt himself squirm as he came, bent over while the guy continued to pound him sending wave after wave of pleasure through him. That Joe had ended up here, getting fucked in the laundromat late at night was hardly a surprise. When Joe had found that magic tattoo shop, he’d given most of the money he had to be transformed into a woman. He’d always been curious, and even knowing it was probably a one way trip hadn’t been enough to deter him. He revelled in it, being a woman, feeling his tits bounce and his pussy full.

The man grunted loudly and paused, dick plunged deep in Joe. Joe felt a warmth filling his belly, and he let out a long sigh. The man took it as a sign of contentment, and maybe it was.

Joe realized that once again, he’d forgot to make the guy put on a condom. Once again the guy squirted balls deep into him.

Joe had been a woman for almost six weeks, and took it as a mircale he’d had his first period, considering the amount of sex he’d been having and the number of times condoms were forgotten. At this rate he knew the odds of making it to a second period were pretty slim. And that didn’t really give him much pause.

More than just a mere gender bender fetishist, Joe was a transformation fetishist after all. He’d turned himself into a woman, and that was wonderful, but he still wanted to transform more. The idea of his tits growing, his belly swelling, and his pussy getting hornier slowly over the course of nine months was thrilling. Arousing even.

Maybe that was why he kept forgetting a condom.


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