A lesson to be learned

Olivia nonchalantly handed over her end of term grade sheet to her mother and wait for her to be shocked, then angry and finally sort it all out for her. Unexpectedly Grace didn’t look surprised or angry, she cooked an eyebrow “I told you at the start of the year that I wasn’t going to fix your grades any more, that if your grades weren’t good enough I’d punish you”.

Olivia laughed in her mothers face “What are you going to do cancel my skiing trip? If you do I’ll drop out of school, and as you always says it is a point of pride that none of the girls in our family have ever fail at Hardwells Boarding School for Excellent Girls” she said in a mocking the way her Grace spoke. “Why don’t you go back to school and suck off all the teachers like you do every holiday time while I pack for my trip”. Olivia did a blow job imitation with her hand and mouth as she left her mother fuming in the kitchen.

An hour later Grace pushed the door to Olivia’s room open, Olivia kept her back to her mother “What do you want?”.

“I promise myself I would never to this to my daughter after my mother did it to me but I now see why she did it. I needed to be taught a lesson, I’ve been too lack with you and now you need to be taught the same lesson” Grace said as she approached her daughter from behind.

“What are going to do? Ground me? Spank me?” Olivia’s laugh died on her lips as she turned around to see her mother naked with strange patterns on her body draw in what looked like blood.

Olivia was left speechless as her mother spoke “You were right I have been blowing and cunt licking the teachers but now I think it’s your turn”. Olivia tried to scream as her mother rushed her but the scream was stopped by Grace rushing forward and disappearing as she made contact with Olivia. A few second when by with Olivia stood with her eyes rolled back, before her pretty baby blues rolled back, she closed her mouth with had been hanging open. “Olivia don’t panic, I’m in control of your body” Olivia said to the mirror “you can feel and sense everything but you have no control. I know it is a scary and you may not understand why I’m doing this but I’m doing it for your own good”.

“Oh Grace you really know how to use Olivia’s tongue ring” Mr Ripley moaned as he pulled on Olivia new and very helpful pigtails “shame her gag reflex is still there”. Olivia looked up at him and gave him a wink before forcing herself to suck him all the way in, with a surprised grunt Mr Ripley came. Olivia greedily swallowed his thick seed as she breathed in his rich pubic hair musk through her nose. After he finished she stood up and bend over the railing of the stairs “I think she’s an ass virgin” Olivia said as she spread her arse cheeks.

Mr Ripley was hard again in an instant “Oh your going the full way” he said gleefully as he lined his cock up with Olivia’s asshole. “I’m going further than that. One of the many advantages of this boarding school is the teacher all lived at the school and I’m planning to spend all Christmas teaching my girl a lesson” Olivia nodded at her luggage which had been emptied of skiing clothes and was now fully of sex toys, whips, chains, lube and condoms. As she felt Mr Ripley enter her ass bareback Grace decided she’d leave the condoms out her daughter also needed to learn responsibility.

“Psst” Mary tried to get Olivia attention but she kept her head down “psst, what’s the answer to number seven”. Mary tried again louder this time “Psst” but Olivia just kept on writing, she was about to throw a bit of paper at her but Mrs Peartree gave her a look. Mary sighed to herself and gave up the test was way too hard, she watched Olivia as she stroked her increasing large belly, Mary had heard it was triplets “you use to be cool” Mary said loud enough for the class to hear. Some of Mary’s friends snickered but Olivia kept on writing, Grace had said she had to get an A in every class if she didn’t want to be possessed, she’d failed at Easter but this time she was sure she’d aced every test.

Mrs Peartree walked over to Olivia and whispered in her ear “the teachers have been telling me you have A’s in every class but I have a feeling you’ll be getting a lot of B pluses” Mrs Peartree breathed in Olivia’s scent “my husband and I can’t wait to see you on your knees tomorrow”. The teacher stood up right and spoke to the class “alright test is over, if I don’t see you tomorrow have a nice summer holiday”.

The teenagers rushed out as Olivia packed up “have a nice summer cow” Mary said as she knocked over Olivia’s books, Olivia tried to stop herself from crying, the only thing that helped was the knowledge that at the end her Easter fuckfest Grace had decided to tell a number of other mother how she’d change her daughter from F student into a B+ student. Olivia watched her former friends leave knowing that tomorrow they would be learning the same lesson she was.


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