Truck Stop Gender Swap (Ch. 5)

I need to get a closer look at his cock but first I must get these shorts and panties off! Damn dude, your dick is way bigger than mine was. My mouth is so close to it that all I have to do is part my lips and let it in. No no that’s not going to happen. A thought pops in my head… you are a girl now, it’s ok, it’s acceptable, this is what girls do. Ohhh there’s some precum, just one lick. That doesn’t taste so bad. I got to try giving him a blowjob. This is so wrong but feels so right. I reach down and touch my pussy for the first time. AAAhhhhhh that feels amazing!!!! I’m really liking being a girl. Is this permanent? Will I go back after the pill is flushed from my system?

Continued in Ch. 6


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