The pact

I had been a man for 80 years. And my loving wife had been by my side for the better part of that time. Long time ago we had made a pact, we were to use a spell to possess new bodies the moment we both hit 80 years old. We looked for a young couple to possess. “How about them?” I asked my wife while we were sitting on a park bench. “No. They don’t look happy” she said. “Them?” I asked while pointing at a different couple. “Better but no” she said.

In time we came to realize that our best choice was our granddaughter Emma and her husband Jeremy. “But they will be gone, replaced by us” I told her. “And we owe it to them to make their lifes perfect” she said. I agreed. She casted the spell first. I saw her disappear into thin air. I took a deep breath and casted the spell too.

I realized I was in Emma’s bedroom. Looking at my naked self in the mirror. We had agreed that this time I would be the woman, and she the man. I couldn’t believe how great it felt to have breasts. I was certainly fixated on them. “I am young again” I said. I saw a silhouette behind me. It was Jeremy, my husband, he ran his hands from my breasts down to my pussy. It made me so wet. That I let him finger me. I turned around and kissed him. I was so in love with him. After all I had Emma’s feelings for him. I still remember the feeling of having him insert his cock inside my pussy. I didn’t know how much I had missed by being a man last time.

Just like last time, after sex, we made a pact once again. “Until we’re 80” he said. “Yes, and next time we will swap genders again” I said. We kissed, and went at it again. It is good to be young again.


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