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Misplaced trust

Kate (40) and her daughter Gabby (20) had swapped bodies using a spell they bought online. They never had a good relation. It was Kate’s idea, she told her daughter that it would be the perfect way to finally build up some trust between them. Gabby was hesitant at first, but since it would only be a week and they wouldn’t tell anyone, she made up her mind. They started on monday, Gabby’s mom was very excited after the swap. She would go to school again and Gabby in her mom’s body would go to work. Read more


“I can’t believe it worked!” I whispered with glee as I woke up in my mother’s room, and more importantly, in my mother’s body! I wasted no time pulling her nightie up over her large boobs. They were a bit heavier than I expected, but I loved feeling their weight pressing down on me as I laid facing the ceiling. I reached up, and took one of her tits in my hand. They were so sensitive too! I knew being pregnant and making milk changed a woman’s boobs, but I was 19! I haven’t been a baby for a long time, and I’m pretty sure her tits weren’t this sensitive when she was my age!
I didn’t wait long to investigate the other part of her body crucial in bring me into the world. I reached down her panties, and squealed as I slipped inside. Playing with my body felt good, but this felt great!
I hope Mom’s having as much fun as I am!

A Deviant Accident

Matilda readjusted the wig, checked her make up was on point and got into the pose she had decided would have the maximum impact on Robert. She opened the messaging app, checked the mirror one last time to make sure the padding in the latex suit’s chest was even and then pressed the button. She looked at the picture on a phone and grinned, it was perfect, a few taps later the picture was sent to Roberts phone. While she waited for him to respond she played with her fake tits, when Robert left for work that morning she had had tiny mosquito bites for breasts now thanks to a lot of synthetic material stuffed down the front of the suit she had the same chest size as the porn stars Robert masturbated to. She gave her chest a hard squeeze but the padding was so thick she couldn’t feel a thing, something she wished she could have said about the wig, it was taking all her willpower not to throw off the damn itchy thing. She was naturally blonde but Roberts Internet history was full of dark-haired women wearing glasses, she pinched her nose, the glasses were another accessory that was annoying her. Read more


You look down, and realize the potion worked: you were now a busty girl. You reach up and give one of your new tits a squeeze. Not bad, though you thought they’d be a bit bigger. You look past your new breasts, and spot your slit further down between your legs. You start to reach down to it, but your eye catches something else. On the counter in the distance is the potion bottle, still half-full… Read more

Mirrored Reality (part 2)

Since that faithfull day when I got trapped inside a mirror, my life had changed for the better. I was no longer a man, but I did enjoy being Emily. I refrained to look at myself in the mirror for days. I was afraid I would get trapped again. One day, I caught a glimpse of myself, “Wow, I am really hot” I thought, “I love being a woman”. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror. But thankfully, nothing happened. Later that day, I went out on a date with my boyfriend. Afterwards, he invited me to his place. Read more

Reverse bodyhopper

There are many different ways of creating a bodyhopper one of the most common ways is for two bodyhopper possessing two people to conceive a child. Karen was created by two bodyhoppers but in an unusual way her parents weren’t possessing anyone, they created her out of love for each other. Bodyhoppers have an extreme self-hatred of their own bodies but Karen’s parents weren’t like other bodyhoppers they believed that bodyhoppers should use their abilities to punish nasty people. When they created Karen they left behind the bodyhopper community hoping to raise their daughter outside of the evil influence of the rest of their kind. What they didn’t know at the time was that when a child is born from two bodyhoppers the natural way they gift is twisted into another form. Karen didn’t know the official term for what she was but ever since she learnt of the gift she had referred to herself as a reverse bodyhopper. Her gift didn’t allow her to possess other people but for normal people to possess her, as Karen struggled against the zip ties around her wrist she cursed her gift. Read more

Interactive Part 5 (Option 1)

You sit beside the pool, watching Brandi splash around with some guys who were obviously into her, and with boobies like hers, threatening to burst out of her little bikini top, who could blame them? You look down at your own bikini, but you’re instantly distracted by the huge belly just past it. James had really filled you up, in more ways than one. It had been eight months since then, and Brandi was lucky she had been more interested in tit-fucking: you weren’t sure either of you could handle the both of you being pregnant.
But even as round as you are, that wouldn’t stop you from getting some action. What else is a bimbo good for after all? You were surprised how many guys wanted to suck your milk-filled boobies, and feel your bloated belly pressed up against them. And speaking of…
Brandi had lost half of her top, but one of the guys was clearly more interested in something else. You wag your finger at him, calling him over as you pull down one half of your bikini top. His eyes go wide and he quickly comes over to you. Brandi and the other guy follow suit, and before you know it you’re in their car, giving them directions back to your house. Read more

Revenge Gone Wrong

April 7, 2015
Alex was watching lesbian porn, just as he always did when his wife was not around. She however began to notice that despite the two not having much sex Alex always seemed happy and satisfied. After doing some research she was quite sure that he was not cheating on her, so after searching through his browser history she found out that he was watching a lot of porn. Unknown to everyone else, except her she had a magical item that would fulfill her one wish.
“I wish that Alex would become part of whatever he masturbates to, when he next orgasms.”
After she predented to go to a friend of hers Alex’s wife hid behind the door to the computer room and heard after very few minutes Alex moaning in pleasure. As the voice got more and more feminine Alex’ wife busted into the room and said: “Busted! I knew you’d watch porn”
“What have you done to me?”
“I made the porn you were watching reality, with you as the star.”
Then she herself felt someting in her breasts.
“You’re transforming too!”
“I have to… Lick!”
Alex’ wife wasrunning towards him, while the room slowly transformed into a bathing room. Unknown to his wife, Alex wanted to be a woman, but also loved his wife and wanted to stay with her forever. No he could, as they both were trapped in a one hour long porn movie, that repeated endlessly.

Where I Got Them Part 2

After only two days in my new body I had already grown sick of it. All the novelty of now having a male body had worn off, and I was ready to try the stone again.
I took it in my hand, and breathed deeply. I was sure it would work, but what if this wish just made everything worse. Though how could that be possible.
“Just please, don’t make…it… any bigger?” I said stupidly to the stone, before saying my wish:
“I wish to have my body back: the one I had before-” I was cut off as pain shot through my whole body. I felt like I was being compressed all over. I let out a yell as it felt like I had just been kicked roughly in the balls. At least, I assumed that’s what it felt like. I pulled off my pants and boxers, and watched as my…man parts shrunk into my body, smaller and smaller, until there was just a smooth surface left. That smoothness quickly faded however, as my slit grew back. The pain was almost unbearable however: it felt as though my groin was being torn in two, and I guess in a way it kind of was. But it was back.
I didn’t have time to think about that though, as I felt a sharp pinching at my waist. I was slimming back down, my curves slowly returning to my body. I looked quickly in the mirror, and noticed the tingling on my face was my features smoothing out again, and my hair was going blonde and growing longer again. My skin burned as it softened, but the sensation quickly faded, leaving me almost entirely female again.
Lastly was what had started all this: my breasts. I moved to remove my t-shirt, but I wasn’t fast enough. My chest burned and itched as I felt massive amounts of pressure building up behind my flat pecs. I watched as my tight shirt slowly started to balloon forward, my tits returning to my chest. The pain was building with every cup size, my shirt squeezing them against my body, until…
RRIIIIPP! My shirt tore right down the middle, and my large breasts burst forth, my nipples growing darker and perkier as the transformation finished itself off. I was a woman again, I thought as I gripped my breasts, just to make sure they were real, and just to touch them as well. I still had some parts of my formerly male mind. After confirming I was indeed back to normal, I threw the stone out my bedroom window and onto my yard, where a large bird scooped it up and carried it off.
“Good riddance,” I said, glad to be rid of the thing.
I looked into my floor-length mirror and stared at my renewed body. I spun, moving my hand up my thigh and taking a good look at my ass. I started to feel kind of warm, and I felt a moistness between my legs. Maybe I had kept more than some parts.
I had wished to have my old body back, but my mind remained that of my male self. My male self that loved big boobs, and couldn’t resist staring at a sexy body like mine. I reached down and started pleasuring myself, hoping to alleviate my horniness, but seeing myself like that only made it worse. Seeing my tits wobble as a moved my hand up and down, in and out, just made me wetter. Slowly I managed to peel my eyes away from my body, and stood up. Even just feeling the movement of my boobs on my chest made me feel slightly turned on.
I was going to regret throwing that stone away.

Honeymoon Role Exchanger

Ron and Elizabeth’s honeymoon didn’t go as planned. Standing at 6’4″ tall and weighing about 350 lbs, Ron was always the biggest person in any room. He looked like a lineman or some child’s fantasy idea of a Norse king: bright red hair, a big beard, and an enormous voice. When he was around, there was no doubt who was in charge. His new wife, Elizabeth, was no dainty woman herself at a full 6′ tall and matronly plump and curvy. Read more