Where she now is

I didn’t understand. After all, All I wanted was to find out where my highschool sweetheart was. “Why am I looking at this naked guy” I asked myself. Me and Audrey had broken up right after we finish highschool. We kept in touch for acouple of months. But eventually we lost contact.

I never got over her. I hopped that after I finished college, we would be back together. So when I found the wish stone in my parent’s attic. I wished to find out where Audrey was. I expected to just learn where she was. But instead, as I soon realized, I was inside her body. And the man standing infront of me? her husband. I wanted to run away, but he sure looked hot. I couldn’t believe I was actually giving serious thought about having sex with him.

I took a deep breath, and as I felt my pussy get wet, I took my panties off, and threw them away. I raised my legs, hoping for him to just stick it inside of me. He started kissing and massaging my breasts. “No foreplay” I said. It was weird hearing Audrey’s voice coming from me. He shoved his cock inside of me, and I yelled “Oh god!”. I couldn’t believe how great it felt.

As I soon learned, we were trying to get pregnant. And apparently that first night as Audrey did the trick. I never learned what happened to my former self. Nor did I care. I spent the next few months learning about Audrey’s current life. All my hormones helped me acting like a woman. Months later when I first saw a small baby bump on my belly I realized I had made the best with ever.


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