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Wonderland in Alice

Alice stepped out from behind a tree, and saw the March Hare, the Hatter and a very sleepy dormouse sitting at a long table, set for a large amount of people, having tea. She approached cautiously she had already met a disappearing Cat and a smoking caterpillar, the scene already looked strange but from what she had learned of this world things could always get stranger. The hatter spotted her, a broad grin appearing on his face “sit, sit, we’ve heard so much about you and been waiting so long”. Alice looked about, the table cloth had clearly seen better days and on the forest floor there was a great deal of broken chinaware. She sat in the chair with the least amount of food stains, the Hatter threw a piece of bread at the March Hare “well go on, serve our guest”. The March Hare jumped into action, he chucked the tea out of the teapot and quickly went about making a fresh batch. Read more

Waiting to Swap

Sonia made the finishing touches to the sigil on the carpet, she checked the book to make sure it was correct and then checked again, and then again. She had spent too much time and effort for this to go wrong at the last stage, satisfied with her handiwork she lit a mass of scented candles to cover up the smell of the pigs blood that had been required for the sigil. She looked at her clock, it wouldn’t be long until Jason arrived, she pushed her bed back over the magic markings carefully so as not to smudge them. She looked about her barebones room, despite working at a prestigious American finance company they barely paid her enough to rent this one-room, Jason had offered to buy her things but she had refused. She knew he only offered to try to absolve his guilty conscience from having an affair with her. Although tonight, as she felt beads of sweat run down her body, she kind of wished she had taken him up on the air conditioning. She stripped out of her clothes until she was only wearing her sheer panties, even then the heat was oppressive, she wondered how Jason was coping in the heat as he travelled to her. Read more

A Deviant Accident

Matilda readjusted the wig, checked her make up was on point and got into the pose she had decided would have the maximum impact on Robert. She opened the messaging app, checked the mirror one last time to make sure the padding in the latex suit’s chest was even and then pressed the button. She looked at the picture on a phone and grinned, it was perfect, a few taps later the picture was sent to Roberts phone. While she waited for him to respond she played with her fake tits, when Robert left for work that morning she had had tiny mosquito bites for breasts now thanks to a lot of synthetic material stuffed down the front of the suit she had the same chest size as the porn stars Robert masturbated to. She gave her chest a hard squeeze but the padding was so thick she couldn’t feel a thing, something she wished she could have said about the wig, it was taking all her willpower not to throw off the damn itchy thing. She was naturally blonde but Roberts Internet history was full of dark-haired women wearing glasses, she pinched her nose, the glasses were another accessory that was annoying her. Read more

Reverse bodyhopper

There are many different ways of creating a bodyhopper one of the most common ways is for two bodyhopper possessing two people to conceive a child. Karen was created by two bodyhoppers but in an unusual way her parents weren’t possessing anyone, they created her out of love for each other. Bodyhoppers have an extreme self-hatred of their own bodies but Karen’s parents weren’t like other bodyhoppers they believed that bodyhoppers should use their abilities to punish nasty people. When they created Karen they left behind the bodyhopper community hoping to raise their daughter outside of the evil influence of the rest of their kind. What they didn’t know at the time was that when a child is born from two bodyhoppers the natural way they gift is twisted into another form. Karen didn’t know the official term for what she was but ever since she learnt of the gift she had referred to herself as a reverse bodyhopper. Her gift didn’t allow her to possess other people but for normal people to possess her, as Karen struggled against the zip ties around her wrist she cursed her gift. Read more

Driving Alex style

It had taken Tammy (21) about two week to realise that there was something wrong with her journey home from picking up her brother. She had notice that she had no recollection of driving home, all she could remember was picking Alex (16) up and then siting in the driveway as Alex ran into the house. There was just this massive blank in the middle, she may not have caught on to this so soon if two things hadn’t changed in her car, the first was running out of tissues in the first week and the second was a sticky stain slowly grown on her nice leather seat in the second week. Read more

Slice of pizza

As a pizza delivery man Paul (18) had gotten a lot of…. poor customers tonight, from people ordering pizzas to a fake address to having a person take the pizza without paying and slam the door in his face. So by the time he got to his last delivery he was ready to throw the pizza at them and leave, he walked up to the door and got a surprise. Stood in the doorway was a gorgeous woman, she really was beautiful but not in a slutty way but in a classy refined way, she was definitely out of Paul’s league. Read more

Six down

Cassie fluffed her hair in the mirror, tonight was the first night she was going out after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with the girl in number five and she wanted to look good. Cassie still couldn’t believe he cheated on her with that bitch, they lived in the same university halls, they shared a wall, she want to pull that that bitch’s ginger hair out but she didn’t. Instead she been feeling sorry for her self for the pass two weeks but no more, she was going to party with her classmates and forget all about her ex and that whore of a flatmate. Cassie wished Layla was still here, they’d live in the same hall for less than a month but Cassie had felt that they had a connection but then she’d gone really weird. Layla stopped going to class, she personality changed she drank, smoked weed and had sex with anyone willing, the finally straw was when Layla got Cassie really drunk and tried to use a strap-on on her. After Cassie slapped her away, Layla said something really scary “It doesn’t matter, I’ll have you wearing this soon enough”, the next day Layla left university without apologising, she didn’t even take her stuff. Read more

A lesson to be learned

Olivia nonchalantly handed over her end of term grade sheet to her mother and wait for her to be shocked, then angry and finally sort it all out for her. Unexpectedly Grace didn’t look surprised or angry, she cooked an eyebrow “I told you at the start of the year that I wasn’t going to fix your grades any more, that if your grades weren’t good enough I’d punish you”. Read more

The first witch

The two guards yawned at the same time, the heat of the day making them tried and more angry than they already were. It was midday and the chief had told them to lock up old man Owix for magicks, what ever that was, at least they weren’t out in the fields looking for Owix’s apprentice. They both stared at nothing impartial as sweat ran down their faces, it was all the chief’s daughter’s fault, Ybxea had run into the village late last night claiming Owix was plotting to over throw the chief using magicks. So they’d spent the night climbing up to Owix’s cave and dragging the old man back, anyone with eyes could see that Owix posed no threat to the muscle bound chief but orders were orders. Read more

A new position

When Rachel’s girlfriend, Natasha, came home from work she’d been reading a book, ten minutes later Rachel was ploughing Natasha after Natasha had begged Rachel to use the strap-on her. The girls panting and moaning filled the room along with the smell of perfume and sex, Rachel loved the smell of their bodies especially Natasha hair. When ever Natasha let Rachel fuck her with the strap-on, which was rare because Natasha didn’t like being penetrated too deeply, Rachel would fuck her in the missionary position so she could smell her wonderful blonde hair. Today, Natasha had told Rachel that she wanted to see her tits bouncing, so Rachel had to fuck her in a weird porn film like position which wasn’t very conformable but she was getting to use her little used strap-on so she wasn’t complaining. Read more