rabbit’s foot keychain – taught a lesson pt 1 (rev

This can’t fucking be possible! It has to be some crazy nightmare… thing’s like this can’t happen in real life!

The day started bad to begin with, shit, I should have just gone home the second the shit started going south. See, before lunch, my girlfriend Katie finds out I fucked her her best friend this weekend after that keg party, and she runs into the gym in the middle of basketball practice, making a huge scene and breaking up with me…

Sure, her friend Jenny is hot, and there was no way I could resist when I gave her a ride home from the party and she was all drunk. Juggy Jenny after all has the biggest tits in the senior class and on the entire cheerleading squad, and I’d been dying to see ’em for the entire year. Even though she was pretty sloppy drunk, I still was more than happy to lay back the seat in my mustang, climb on top of her, and pull off her shirt to get a good look and feel of those boobs that every guy in my high school dreams about. She was so drunk she didn’t even notice me snap a picture with my phone while I was on top of her. Hey, I had to tell the guys about this right? For good measure I grabbed her bra as well, and shoved it under my car seat. Figured the guys would like to finally know just what size Juggy Jenny’s rack is and she was so drunk she’d just think she lost it.
After I finished, I drove her home, and of course she started crying when she sobered up a little and realized she’d fucked her best friends guy. I made her SWEAR to keep it our secret, and she promised and went inside.
I thought I’d pulled off the perfect crime as I stood in the locker room bragging and showing off Jenny’s lacy purple bra I’d taken, passing it to the guys as the laughed and marveled at the tag inside that read “34 double D”.

Of course, Jenny broke after two periods, balling and telling Katie the whole fucking thing. At the time I really was pissed Katie found out and broke up with me, after all Katie is the head cheerleader and the hottest chick in the school, and even though I’d fucked her a bunch of times in the six months we’d dated, I still would have liked to keep her going for another month ’till I graduated and dumped her to make room for the college babes I’d be getting on my basketball scholarship…
All that though? That ain’t shit. I was about to drive off for lunch in my mustang, and as much as I was pissed about Katie, I’d already moved on Eryn Blakeson, the tight bodied redhead who I’d been flirting with for the last few weeks, waiting a little after basketball practice to catch her coming back from the pool and swim team practice, so I could pretend to be interested in her ditzy stories about swim team for a few while I checked out her tight bod in that swimsuit.
As I pulled out of the lot, suddenly I slammed on the breaks. That crazy fucking bitch Wendy was standing right in front of my car!
“You stupid goth moron!” I yelled at her “I could have killed you!”
Wendy just glared at me, her black dress blowing in the wind, her dark eyes and died black hair looking… strange. Well, even stranger than that annoying goth bitch usually did.
Wendy was Katie’s step sister, also a senior, but she ran with the geeks and losers, and dressed like a goth freak. She also was built like a 14 year old, short and tiny, which I’d teased her about many times as well… “Wendy the Wittle Witch” I’d call her, and Katie and I would both laugh.
Suddenly Wendy held up her hand and dangled a ratty looking keychain… it looked like rotten animal hide.
“Get out of the way you slutty nerd bitch!” Eryn yelled, brushing her long red hair aside and shooting an annoyed look at the girl blocking our way.
“No, you get out of the way Eryn. In fact, you like swimming right? Why don’t you go jump in the lake behind the school.” Wendy said as she walked towards Eryn’s side of the car.
“Fuck you you geeky bitch! I…” Eryn stopped talking and looked around in confusion. She was unbuckling her seat belt and climbing out of the car.

“What the fuck… I can’t… control my body!” She cried at me, her pretty, freckled face and big, pink lips that I’d hoped to have on my dick soon suddenly looking very scared.

“That’s because you’re going to jump in the lake and practice swimming! In fact, you’re going to strip and go naked, that way you’ll get attention from all the guys, since you’re a total skank!” Wendy laughed, pointing towards the muddy, freezing cold lake that sat behind the Football field. No one in the right mind would swim in there, it was basically a drainage and sewer run off, no one would ever swim in there, in fact, other than dumping trash in the middle of the night, no one ever even went near it, except for rats and seagulls.

“Fuck you bitch! I’m gonna’ bust you’re tiny face in with… what the?” Eryn stopped mid threat and screamed as she realized she was wearing only her panties and bra. She had pulled her shirt and pants off as she climbed out of my car, then began marching towards the lake, crying out for someone to help her as she removed her bra and pulled down her panties, still marching straight to the water.

Wendy was howling with laughter as she climbed into the seat Eryn had just left. I wanted to tell her to get the fuck out, but for some reason I just sat there, unable to get myself to move or talk.

“See this?” Wendy said, pulling aside her black coat and removing that keychain I’d seen her holding a minute ago. She dangled it in front of my eyes, rotten fur and battered foot, the thing was putrid looking.

“I am a witch now thanks to this Ryan! Just like you always teased me!” She said with a smile. “I can do anything I desire. That’s why you can’t talk right now… and why you’re friend is going for a dip!” I looked over just in time to see Eryn, totally nude and with a small crowd of students standing watching, jump into the muddy lake and begin trying to swim through the garbage and weeds.

“Don’t worry, Eryn is gonna’ actually enjoy this!” Wendy laughed. She then closed her eyes and gripped the rabbit’s foot.

“Being naked in public makes Eryn incredibly turned on, no matter how embarrassing it is. From now on, she will find herself thinking about public nudity and fucking in public constantly, and will be horny all the time. The only way to relieve it will be for her masturbate in a public place, around other people. She will have to do this at least three times a day..”

Eryn, her sexy, muscular body and pale white skin now totally covered in muddy water, had reached the otherside and was now swimming back to the shore. A group of students had gathered and were staring, some laughing, some asking if she needed help. Her pleas for help had stopped when her confusion and terror at being unable to control her body, and suddenly finding herself naked in front of a big group of classmates was suddenly taking a back seat to the sudden waves of ….lust sweeping her body. For some reason everytime she thought about all those geeky freshman and loser stoners and geeks seeing her strip nude, seeing her tight, sexy body that normally she only used to get what she wanted from guys… when she thought about being naked in public, the embarrassment and shock were drown out by growing horniness!

Wendy hooted and clapped as Eryn pulled herself up on to land. About forty students had gathered now, some confused, some laughing. One girl, Stacy, a curvy redhead with a short hair cut, also a popular senior and teammate and friend of Eryn’s handed her a coat and asked her if she was ok. Nearby, a short,skinny guy with a “Call Of Duty” shirt on said “thanks for the show Eryn!”and his nerdy friends all laughed.

Eryn, furious at what had just happened and trying to ignore how incredibly horny she was, tried to rush by them, but stopped long enough to say “Go fuck yourself you fucking losers!” Before starting to hurry back to try and find her clothes. Stacy,tossing her short red bangs to the side as she continued following next to her popular friend, rolled her eyes at the group of freshman and, after calling them nerds told them to mind their own business and watch their mouths or she’d have Barry, her football player boyfriend teach them some manners

“Hmmm… I think Eryn needs to realize that with her new preoccupation with public nudity and exhobitiniasm, she can’t treat people like that any more. In fact, Eryn is suddenly going to find herself so turned on by the thought of all those guys she just yelled at having seen her naked, that she’s going to have to get herself off before doing anything else…. And since Stacy seems to be all about helping her out, I think she is going to suddenly find that what she just saw Eryn do made her incredibly aroused, more than they have ever been because I wish their sex drives will be five times as strong as they were before, and they are now 100% turned on by public nudity and public sex, in fact, that’s the only way either of them can get off”

The rabbit’s foot, clutched in Wendy’s hand, actually began to pulse with heat as it granted Wendy’s wishes, twisting reality to Wendy’s commands, waves of sexual desire suddenly sweeping over the two senior girls, who both found themselves so turned on they could hardly think about anything except the sudden desire each of them had strip nude right out in the open, getting their horny bodies off right in public, just barely hidden where they could be seen or discovered at any second. Soon, Eryn and Stacy would find themselves worrying a lot less about being popular and a lot more on when there next chance to masturbate on the bus or suck off there boyfriend in the corner of a coffee shop would be.

Remembering a time when Lee, Stacy’s football player boyfriend along with Eryn and Stacy both had ridiculed a her friend Anne in gym class, laughing and making cruel jokes about her weight, Wendy decided one more thing to add…

“I also wish that before they can get any sexual relief they will go find Lee, and then, they will go have a threesome in a public place where they will be noticed, especially since they will all be very loud and fuck like they are in an adult film…” Wendy laughed thinking of the stuck up popular girls finding that they have been reduced to horny sluts, who can’t think of anything except getting naked and playing with themselves or fucking a cock in a public place.

Then the rabbit’s foot seemed to tingle… and Wendy found herself adding more. She had thought that was enough,but more wishes to teach those stuck up bitches a lesson popped into her head and she started speaking before she’d even thought about it.

“Lastly, I wish that while they have there three way, once they have all orgasmed, they will receive text messages explaining that they have entered a sex contest, beginning one minute from receiving the text – whoever has the first orgasm will switch bodies with whoever has the second orgasm. Then, whoever has the third orgasm will have their genitals as well as sex drive and sexual orientation suddenly swap with the last person that they fucked. They will all be forced to play the roll of the person who’s body they know have, and will be unable to speak to anyone about what has happened except each other.”

” Lastly, after that happens, the rules will continue in the text messages letting them know they are in a competition that begins right now, and they must all find someone, get them to fuck you and make sure that you and the other person both cum. The first person to get fucked will have their body change back to it’s original form in ten months. The second person to get laid will have their body change back to it’s original form in 18 months. The loser will be stuck as they are three years, unless they don’t get laid within an hour of the second place winner, then it will be forever… Also, I want to make sure that each female is thirty times as fertile as a normal woman, and that they will have a strong desire to have men cum inside of them. They will also be unable to use birth control or do anything to prevent or end a pregnancy.”

Wendy was out of breath… that had gotten strange, but even though the strange wishes and curses she had placed on those three had just sort of flown out of her mouth, the idea of them all having group sex, then suddenly finding themselves in a contest, having to get fucked as quickly as possible, or be stuck in someone elses body for months… or years. The last part, the surprise as Wendy thought of it, was for some reason her favorite… in fact, the idea of one, two or all three of them getting knocked up by a random stranger, and dealing with pregnancy as well as a horny body that isn’t theres… well it was turning her on just thinking about it.

Forty five minutes later, eight middle school boys who had been playing frisbee giggled and made jokes, eyes glued to the two gorgeous redheads that had been laying under a make shift tent that barely hid them while they took turns fucking a guy who all of the 16 year olds thought had to be the luckiest person in the world.

Little did they know that after they had finally sucked and fucked each other so that all three had cum, they all got text messages.

Now their minds cleared of the overwhelming lust that had forced them to have a threesome in clear view of anyone looking, they started to realize what they were going to have to do… Eryn, who had rode Stacy’s boyfriends face, grinding her pussy into his mouth, had climaxed quickly and loudly, while Stacy rode his cock, bouncing up and down on it, her big, round tits bouncing freely as she quickly worked herself up and came all over his dick. Lastly, Eryn leaned down and found herself sucking Lee’s cock, until he came violently into her mouth.

In spite of all that happened, when they all got the texts they didn’t believe it. They thought maybe this whole thing was some kind of joke or prank… then it happened.

Eryn found herself a half a foot shorter, her lean, athletic, tall body gone and replaced with Stacy’s curvy, busty, much shorter body. Her long red hair replaced with Stacy’s short cut. She looked up and saw… herself. Stacy was now in her body, a half foot taller than she had been, long sexy legs and firm body, her long red hair falling a round her shoulders.

Then Lee screeched and yelled out falling to the ground, gripping his groin, his fingers desperately trying to stop his cock from shrinking, always a source of pride for him since it was over 8 inches long, but now it was getting smaller… and smaller.

“No please!!! Not this!” He cried out, as it finally shrunk to a tiny pink nub, pulling against the slit and female lips that had appeared, his testicles now a memory as well.

Eryn, in Stacy’s body, screamed as well, as she reached down and felt the large testicles and huge, 6 inches of flaccid cock hanging between her legs. She was now stuck in Stacy’s body with Stacy’s boyfriends genitals… and, as she glanced over at Stacy, still nude in her own body, and felt the bizarre sensation of Lee… or rather her cock becoming erect, she realized she had also gained his sex drive, just as the message had said. Lee realized this as well, much to his horror, as he felt his new pussy growing warm as his eyes stared at his former cock, growing between the curvy sexy hips that had always turned him on so much before… before this!

Wendy checked back later and couldn’t help but laugh at how the contest had played out. Stacy, in Eryn’s body, had quickly ran off to try and find Kent, her ex boyfriend she had dated before Lee, knowing he was the kind of guy that would happily fuck any girl that came onto him, especially one as hot as she was, in Eryn’s gorgeous body. Stacy didn’t count on her new super charged sex drive though, and by the time she found Kent, who was outside the locker room waiting for football practice to start, she was so horny she couldn’t even think… she did end up fucking Kent, who came hard and quick into her wet pussy as he fucked her standing against a wall, but then, before Stacy could even get off, he pulled up his pants and ran to football practice. Stacy couldn’t believe how horny she was, Eryn’s body was dying for more sex… and that’s when she ran into the four nerds from earlier today. She couldn’t stop herself… she followed them to there chess club meeting, and for the next two hours, sucked and fucked her way through the biggest loser nerds in the school, unable to stop giving blow jobs and riding their dicks, until she’d came almost six times, and all eight members of the chess club had cum in her mouth, her pussy or both. She didn’t realize it yet, but she would have an impossible time figuring out who the father was when she found out she was pregnant, and would spend the next nine months carrying a child in Eryn’s body while she waited to get her own body back.

Eryn, in Stacy’s body, found herself incredibly attracted to her own body, staring int he mirror as she groped Stacy’s big, sexy tits, easily twice as big as hers had been. She never liked large breasts, but now, with Lee’s old sex drive, she couldn’t stop touching them. Stacy’s body, which was hers at the moment, was driving her cock crazy… it was rock hard and stuck out nine inches, and when she touched it, she squeeled with how intense it felt. That’s when she saw Lee walk up behind her and ask what they should do…

Before Lee knew it, his new female super sex drive took over and he was on his knees sucking and licking the huge cock that had once been his. Soon, one thing led to another and the two were kissing, touching… and Eryn slid the tip of her new cock into Lee’s wet pussy… he cried out no, he hated it… but it felt amazing.

They fucked for almost an hour, and Lee had two female orgasms with his former penis deep inside of his pussy. Then, at last, Eryn bucked her hips, clenched her muscles, screamed out “I’m cumming!” and filled Lee with jizz.

Lee would soon find out that not only did he have Stacy’s sex drive and pussy, but also the rest of her reproductive organs… and was now carrying a child. After a month or so, when a tiny bump formed and he realized what was happening, Stacy and Eryn tried to convince him to go to the doctor. He refused, not wanting to be treated like the freak he was, the worlds first pregnant man. Wendy, who checked in on them once in a while for fun, decided to make things a little easier on Lee, and when he woke the next morning, he found the rest of his body had changed to match his vaginia, and he was now an exact twin of Stacy, except Eryn (in Stacy’s body), of course had his cock and sex drive… and now, couldn’t leave Lee alone, grabbing his big tits, slapping her ass. He hated feeling like a helpless girl, he was a man! Soon, he would find that it was even harder to think that way though, as his belly swelled week by week, his nipples and boobs filled with milk, and tripled in size… Lee was pregnant in his girlfriends body, and would be giving birth to a child in 8 months, and then be stuck as a girl for another 9 months! He never would have guessed that as soon as he gave birth, he would go sex crazy, fuck fifteen guys in one week, and have to go threw it all over again. Before his two years as a girl were up, he would have four daughters, two sets of twins, and would spend most of his time changing diapers and breastfeeding them from his gigantic, milk swollen boobs.

Wendy had just warmed up on these three…


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