Wizard’s apprentice

I thought that being a wizard’s apprentice would be an exciting and interesting experience. But the reality came so short of my expectations. It was always damn chores: Erasing the hex boards. Shelving the spell books. Cleaning the potion bottles. After days and days of meaningless labor, I was beyond frustrated. I was so close to the world of magic, yet so far from making it mine. The firebolts, the levitation, the teleportation–Where were those? When I confronted my master wizard about this, he simply brushed his long white beard and smiled gently and uttered: “In time, my child.”

At the time, I wanted to take that old fool’s pointy hat off of his head and shove it up his ass. I was furious! But I kept my composure, and replied, “Then I’ll wait for the time.” I knew if I were to go against him right then, all my effort that I have been building up to would go in vain. Besides, he was perhaps the most powerful wizard I have come across as my life as an apprentice. No other wizards or witches even came close to his might, who could polymorph his adversaries at the snap of his fingers. Transforming was his specialty.

And like I said, I waited for the time sharpening my blade of vengeance. Every night, I would sneak into his library and study his spells and magics. What I wanted to know the most was how to dispel the magics. There were a lot of magics I would have to be cautious of if I were to face against him. And yet, I only needed one magic to carry on with my plan.

Weeks passed, and there was still no sign of the master wizard even having an attempt at teaching me the arts of wizardry. So, I asked him yet again when I would be given the opportunity of learning the secrets of his power. Between the soft and white beards his lips whispered, “In time, my child.”

That broke my last straw. I cast my spell on the wizard. My spell spark landed directly on his chest and began to take its effect. His white beards and hairs fell to the floor, while he appeared to travel back in time–regressing his old age. His wrinkles disappeared, his skins smoothed, and his heights reduced. His body began to shrink. At the start he was nearly 6’6”, but he contracted to half his usual size. He was smaller than a little boy, and his grimace showed his discomfort. At this time, his penis and testicles were vanished and only soft mound of flesh was present at his crotch. Then, he began to grow taller into a mature lady that I meant him to become. Her breasts and ass began to swell up as she slipped up some moan of pain from her thin pink lips. Her hairs elongated, and with it came her womanhood. She was now a young beautiful virgin with a voice of Muses.

There was no time to lose. Before she could regain her mind right again, I bounded her hands on her back so that she can’t use his (or her) terrifying hand signs and then hung a rope made of oak tree fiber so that she can’t use her power words. Otherwise, I would be a fried frog in a matter of seconds.

Of course, even these bindings won’t be holding him back for so long. It would last at best few days. To make the spell permanent, I would have to make her mine by ejaculating into her seven times. Somehow there was a notion that genderbent personnel’s transformation would be transfixed if they had sex–and it was true. She was screaming no and stop, but without hesitation I thrust my erect penis into her fresh vagina.

It was perhaps the best thing to happen in awhile; after all the days of frustration it was the final relief and the final victory I relished. She was chanting various curse spells, but none had any effect. My preparations were perfect! I felt through her shaking legs that she was having an orgasm against her will. She began to stop resisting and chanting magics, but started to moan like a bitch in a heat. I knew I was enjoying her, but was slightly taken aback by her enjoying as well.

After I cummed in her and filled her womb, I sat tired and wondered how fast I would regain my stamina to fuck her again. There was six shots left to go. Then, before I realized, she was standing right in front of me free of her bindings. I wanted to utter out an excuse, but I knew that would be no use. I’d be dead in seconds. Her hands began to glow with a light and touched my limp dick, which began to erect itself.

“Wha..what?” Confused, I stared at her dumbfounded.

“Spell of infinite potency, my child,” she said, “Aren’t you gonna finish what you started? Six left to go.” I knew what I wanted and she knew what she wanted. All there left to do was make her stuck in that form forever and make her mine.


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