Repaid debt

Kyle’s familly had financial problems recently so 18 years old boy tried his best to support his parents. But when the bank stopped to provide loans they had to find another source, not entirely legal. When they couldn’t return the borrowed money they’ve got an unannounced visit. A man with the company of his two bodyguards came to their house demanding his money back. Kyle’s father pleaded to give him more time but the man refused. Instead of money he wanted to take one of his family members. Afraid that one of his sisters or his mother would end up in a brothel or something Kyle volunteered. The man looked at him and nooded in aproval. Kyle was taken by his bodyguards to the car where one of them injected him with a strange substance causing him to pass out.

When Kyle was getting back to his sences he felt very odd. Everything was out of place, especially his body. He tried to get up and noticed something heavy on his chest. Looking down at his body he found out he had breasts. Kyle was shocked as this wasn’t the only change, he was a girl now. Kyle looked around and saw the man sitting in a big chair. “I see you’re awake. Come sit down” The man pointed to the chair next to him. Kyle slowly walked towards him trying to not fall over as his body was still weak. “My name is John Willson and i’m the boss of the biggest drug empire in this country. You’re probably thinking why are you here and why are you suddenly such a cutie. I’ll explain it shortly. My son Mark needs a fiance and i don’t want it to be some girl from outside” Kyle listened carefully to his words. “I have chose you since you won’t do anything that could harm my busines, not when i have your family in my hands” John smiled evilly. Kyle gulped thinking what the man is capable of. “Your role will be simple. You will meet my son, go for a couple of dates, became his fiance and who knows, maybe you will get married and give me grandchildren” John laughed. “Don’t worry you will be treated with respect as long as you won’t do anything funny. If you will do a good job then i will even let you visit your family but for now you’re stuck here. Is that clear?” Kyle only nodded. “Good. My maid will help you with an outfit. Be ready in an hour” John said and left. Kyle was alone with his thoughts. He was terrified but as long as it will keep his family safe he will endure everything, even becoming a wife of a drug lord’s son.


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