One day, I got curious: How does a human milk taste? Does it taste the same as cow’s milk? Or… something different? At some point of my life I must have tasted it, but of course I could not remember that. And once I got curious, it had to be resolved. So, I called my roommate who was probably playing his video games in his room. He rushed in, asking what was the problem.

Without answering him, I took out my womanizer spray and dumped the content on him. In a matter of seconds, my roommate fell to his knees weak and began to transforming. The feminizing gas foamed up around his body and began to shape a feminine curve; the foam ate away his manhood and his masculine characteristics such as chest hair and muscles. When the gas cleared up and foam has fallen off, all there left of the old roommate was a girl with a look of porn star. Good thing I bought the premium womanizer spray that had the side option of making the subject submissive. Otherwise, I would have gone through the trouble of explaining my question to him.

I began to suck on her nipple. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t taste anything beside her skin and sweat. Hmm. I looked up on the internet whether this was a common problem among the womanizer spray users; but apparently I was mistaken. Women does not lactate until they are pregnant or taking care of infants.

Well… only one way to find it out.


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