Wishing well

Carl couldn’t belive his luck when he found a wishing well. Excited about the posiblities he made carefully his wish. “I wish i could be a teenager again but with the memory and skills of my current self” Carl said and threw the coin into the well.

Next morning he woke up feeling a lot better. He got up from the bed and noticed his body had changed. Sure he was a teenager but to his horror he was a teenage girl. Carl immidiately rushed to find the well, stopping before leaving the room when he noticed he was wearing only panties and a tank top. Reluctantly he went through the drawers filled with girly clothes and underwear. After dressing himself up he went outside. There was a bike next to the garage so he hopped on it.

Carl went to the place where he found the well. To his surprise it looked quite diffirent. Thinking he must have took the wrong way turned back and resumed his search. No matter how many times he tried the road looked diffirent than yesterday. There were turns and bushes he didn’t recognize. After some time he got hungry so he went back to his house, deciding to continue his search later.

He spend the whole day searching without any luck. The well was nowhere to be found. It was getting late and Carl didn’t want to stay at this place when it gets dark. He turned back his bike and rode home, slowly accepting the fact that he will be a girl for the rest of his life.


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