a tragic mistake

“Oh my god! What happening? Where am i?” Though Julian after he had perform the spell to possess his girlfriend body an end up being fucked by some random guy. He had no idea his very shy girlfriend had an history of cheating on her very naive and not so good boyfriend. A fact, Julian just discovered when he possessed her during a business trip just because he missed her. Now in full controll of her body he could discover all the pleasures a woman body can provide during sex. He also realised the reactions of her body wasn’t as extrem as when he was making love with her. Making him realised how bad he was at sex, and why his girlfriend wanted to see other guys to provide her the pleasure her body needed.
Bur Julian had other priorities. If he couldn’t say the counter spell to return in his body before he climax in hers, the consequences will be catastrophic for both him and his girlfriend. He tried to focus and began chanting the spell, but his words quickly became moans of pleasure, making him unable to perform the counter spell. Julian tried and tried again but the man fucking his brain out make him loose his focus every time. Finally he felt a wave of pleasure threw all his body. It was too late for Julian, he felt the magic lock his mind in her body erasing his girlfriend mind. His old body was erased too, leaving just his empty clothes on his hotel bed. In a mixture of pleasure, guilt and shame he put his hand on his face as he realised he had permanently replaced his girlfriend and will be called Chloe for the rest of his life.
The man continue to fuck the girl, not realising she was crying in her hands.


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