Wished to Be Loved

Henry wished he could be well loved, and suddenly he was getting fucked by a man, as an ultra horny hetero woman! He was instantly relishing the penis inside his new equipment, as he heard the man’s voice and realized it was his buddy Jeff. When Jeff grunted and called him his wife Jenna, Henry was in shock but also in orgasm, his new man filling him up like the woman he was.

His wish not only changed his form but twisted reality, and now he was the loving wife of his buddy Jeff, now Mrs. Jenna Lance. Jeff Lance was his well hung hubby, and despite the shock, Henry realized sex as Jeff’s wife was incredible. He was well loved, as a trophy wife, and his hubby would have sex with him three times a day! He was oversexed and over sexy, and learned to love every bit of being Mrs. Lance.


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