Well…Not Immediatly

“You thought you were going to turn me into the woman and I’d, what, have sex with you immediately!” I screamed at him. He looked at me sheepishly, his voice no more than a whisper, “yeah”. “Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I continued screaming. “I can’t believe this. How do you even do something like this?” I was still angry but calming down a bit. He told me it was magic scroll. I stormed out of the room and went to my own room and slammed the door behind me.

A magic scroll, words on a parchment that are imbued with magic did this to me, really!? As I flopped down on my bed I noticed that the spell had done more than just change me it changed this room as well. First it was very pink and very girly. I got off my bed, which was now a white four poster with a white and pink flowered comforter, and looked around. I had pictures of me and my family and friends. All of the pictures showed me as a woman so I guess that’s how people have always believed I was. It was so weird I remember going to those places seeing those attractions but as my male self. That was except for the pictures that only had Brian and myself. They were more recent from the look of them and I had memories of being woman with him. At least non of the pictures showed us being romantic so at least there was that. Was this not the first time he had changed me? Did I forget the other times, would I forget this time too?

I walked to my closet. I had noticed in all the pictures I was wearing skirts or dresses. No shorts, pants not even tight jeans. Opening the closet my fears were confirmed. I owned the most feminine clothes possible. Opening the dresser was the same story, all the underwear were lacy and very feminine. There was no chance I could dress as a tomboy. When I opened the bottom dresser drawer my eyes went wide. The whole drawer was filled with sex toys. There was even a harness with a cock on it. I guess if I want to be a lesbian now I’m ready.

Looking at all those sex toys though made me wonder how they would feel. I took a small vibrator out of the drawer and laid on the bed. I guess I should mention that this whole time I’ve been naked, yes when he changed me I was naked so he did see how good I look. Must be driving him wild right now. Anyway I looked at the vibrator and turned the bottom turning it on. I stayed with the lowest setting and brought it down between my legs. I put it against my new pussy lips and felt a shudder through my whole body. That was something I didn’t expect. It felt really good too. I hit my clit and let out a small moan. Oh god that really felt incredible. I was getting wet now so I slid it inside my slit. After a few minutes of this I was screaming through my first female orgasm. Now my mind turned to cocks. Is this what it feels like? I could get used to this. I didn’t want to give into Brian though. I could keep myself entertained for awhile with my drawer of toys, for now.

I teased Brian the next few days walking around in just frilly little panties and no bra. I know he must have been jacking off like crazy. On Saturday I went to the local lesbian bar to see if I could pick up a cutie. This body should do well I figured. This was the first time dressing in woman’s clothes so that took some work. Luckily my body somehow knew how to put on makeup because I sure as hell didn’t. I looked pretty hot when I was done though. I’d do me for sure. Of course in my new body I was way out of the league of my old body. I was out of Brian’s league too. Next came a bra, I’ve taken a few off before but never tried to put one on. It was a challenge. Now I had to decide to wear a blouse and skirt or a dress. I looked through the closet and found a dress I thought was sexy and took it out and tried it on. I did a little spin and saw that I really looked hot, this would do. This dress demanded I wear high heels. Could I do that. I looked through my shoes and they were of various heights but nothing under four inches. I picked a pair that seemed good and tried them on. I tried to walk across the room and it turns out the body had muscle memory. I was ready.

I grabbed a purse that I had filled earlier and walked sexily into the living room wiggling my bottom as I walked. Brian saw me and his mouth was hanging wide open in shock. I blew him a kiss, winked and said “don’t wait up”. Driving while wearing a dress and high heels was a whole new experience.

I made it to the club and there were a bunch of women trying to get in. I got in line behind them and noticed right away several women were checking me out. Almost immediately the bouncer noticed me and called me up front and lifted the rope for me saying “enjoy your night, hotness”. Wow, never in a millions years could my male body do that. The club was packed and the music was loud. Some techno beat and smoke and colored lights flashing everywhere. I made my way to the bar and got a drink. I very attractive young woman sat down next to me. She had black hair and her make up was dark as well expect for her blood red lips. She was dressed a bit goth, I guess, but very pretty. Comparatively I was a Barbie doll with my pink dress and white heels. She told me her name was Anna. She asked me if it was my first time here. I said “does it show?” “Don’t worry. I won’t bite, unless you want me to of course” she said with a wink. I’ve heard guys use that line so many times I couldn’t believe it. It was just as corny coming from her but I smiled back. We danced and drank and ended up at her apartment. Kissing was good. Lesbians kiss a long time though. We took off each other clothes and I sucked on her breast. So far it was pretty much the same as being a guy, sort of. When she reached down and put her fingers inside me though that’s when I knew the difference. Shock waves shot through my body and moans of pleasure escaped my lips. I leaned back on the couch and let her take charge. She really knew what buttons to push and sent me over the top to the mind blowing orgasm in no time. I on the other hand was a bit clumsy. I’ve only been with a few women and it’s been pretty much a little foreplay and then sex. Me thrusting into her and getting off, standard male, female intercourse. Trying to please this lovely lass with fingers and tongue I was not up to the challenge. She said it was okay and she understood but I could tell she was disappointed. We exchanged numbers but I didn’t expect to hear from her again.

I drove back home and Brian was still up. He asked me how my evening went and I said fine. He apologized for turning me into a woman and I told him it was okay. I was getting used to it but it was going to take some time. We watched and movie then I retired to my room.

I got undressed and went to the toy drawer. I thought about asking Evangeline, the woman from tonight, over and using the strap on on her. Maybe if I just fucked her like a guy I could do this. I got naked and this time I took and dildo that looked very much like a real cock out and started playing with myself. I was very wet so I knew what I needed to do. I brought it up to my lips and after a brief hesitation I licked it. I licked it real good and for kicks decided to see how much I could suck into my mouth. Turns out quite a bit. It was actually kind of fun sucking it and licking it and it was getting wet now. Finally it was wet enough and I slid it down and into my waiting pussy. I spent the next hour fucking myself and thinking about what a real cock would feel like. After I had several incredible orgasms I went to sleep. My dreams were filled with me sucking and being fucked by all manner of cocks.

I woke up and felt a puddle under me. I took a shower and played with myself some more. I was hooked. I needed a cock, a real cock. I couldn’t deny it anymore. I got out of the shower and in just my pink panties made my way to the kitchen. As I was washing my dishes Brian entered. He looked at me in just my panties and he was hard instantly. His cock slipped out of his shorts. He tried to cover it up but I told him not to. I felt giddy I boosted myself on my tip toes. I then moved toward him and kissed him. He was shocked for a moment but then he kissed me back. We broke the kiss and he looked at me. I was still smiling and making my way down to my knees. He asked me if I was sure and I answered by licking the full length of his cock. The taste was amazing. I licked the tip and then took it between my lips. I showed him all the things I hard learned locked in my room at night. I sucked him in deep and used my tongue to tease his balls. He was moaning and I knew he was close. I didn’t let out of my mouth as he came. I took his entire load. I rolled his cum around on my tongue and I loved it. The taste, the texture I was in love with it. He watched me and stayed hard. He told me to swallow it and I did. Savoring it sliding down my throat. I opened my mouth wide to show him and he approved. He picked me up and carried me to the table and slid his hard cock into my sopping pussy. Just a few thrusts and felt right for the first time since this whole thing happened.

I loved cock. I couldn’t deny it. This is who I was now and couldn’t be happier.


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