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Portrait of Sam Grey

Sam took a wrong turn and in the middle of the woods. His car stopped suddenly and a storm appeared out of nowhere. Sam had no signal on his phone but he saw a house ahead so he ran for the door. Read more

Love/Hate relationship

Yesterday Dale was just a typical redneck with a truck and a dog and a lot of hate for things he didn’t understand. He was on his way to a MLK rally to start some trouble with his friends. As soon as the boys arrived though something was off. They didn’t know it but a honest to god witch had put a spell over the rally to prevent the someone doing what the boys were planning to do. Read more

The Tease

Yeah, you might’ve turned me into a sexy woman but all you’re getting out of it is blue balls. Better luck next time bitch.

Love isn’t always black and white

My roommate came into the living room and says to me he has a friend I should meet, as long as I’m okay with interracial hookups. I said yeah, I’m cool with black chicks. My thoughts went to Halle Berry, Nanomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. I’ve always had a crush on her. He hands me a beer and says all right let’s get ready. We drank for a awhile watching the game and shooting the shit and I guess I passed out at sometime. I don’t remember drinking all that much. I went to the bathroom to relive myself and flipped to the toilet seat up and unzipped. I wash fishing around for my cock and instead stuck my fingers into something moist. I must have been drunker than I thought. Suddenly there is pee running down my pants. I cursed and stripped down and got in the shower. As I was soaping up I noticed something odd about my chest. It seemed to stick out farther than normal and it was really sensitive. As I continued to rub it I felt really good. I continued and moved my hands down between my legs. There they slipped inside and I let out a moan as the sensations hit me. I continued fingering myself, trying to think of hot women and instead thinking of hard cock, until I had my first female orgasm. I put my hand on the shower wall to keep from falling over. I somehow managed to finish my shower and got out. I dried my long brown hair and my body that seemed different somehow but the same. My old male clothes were no where in site and instead there was a bra and panties and a blouse, skirt and high heels. I also noticed there was makeup by the sink. I looked at my face and thought I’m quite attractive even without makeup. I wanted to look hot though. Once I looked hot and sexy I put on my bra and panties then my blouse and skirt. I dabbed perfume in those strategic places and then sat on the toilet to put on my shoes. When I stood up I felt tall and proud of my body. Looking in the mirror one last time I unbuttoned the top two buttons to make sure my ample cleavage showed. I went back into the living room and my roommate and a very tall black man were waiting for me. Ricky said this is Leon, Leon this is Tanya, my roommate. Leon came over to me and took my hand and kissed it saying it was a pleasure to meet someone as lovely as me. I felt wet. I rubbed my thighs together and smiled and blushed. Ricky said I’ll leave you kids to get acquainted. Leon lead me to the couch and we sat down. He handed me a glass of wine and I took and sip. We starred into each others eyes until he put his glass down and took mine. He pulled me close and kissed me. His embrace was so powerful. I could smell his maleness and it was driving me wild. We continued to make out for a bit. His hand was caressing my breast and my hand was caressing his cock. It felt huge in my little hand. Finally he stood up and took my hand and led me to my bedroom. We kissed and undressed each other and then he pushed me to the bed. He mounted it and knelt next to me, his cock was right next to my lips and took hold of it and brought it to my hungy mouth. As I stroked it I slid it into my mouth and started sucking and licking. I looked up at him and felt his power and senuallity. I sucked his cock slowly, savoring every inch. When he was hard enough he moved between my legs and slid it into my soaking wet pussy. He started slow and pumped into me with a purpose. He leaned forward and kissed me again. I was in Heaven. I had never felt this good having sex. He continued and plow me and caressed me breasts and kissed me and I had my first real female orgasm. I screamed at the top of my lungs and shook and shivered. He was getting close, I could feel it. Suddenly he pulled it out and came shooting sticky streams and of cum onto my stomach and breasts. I opened my mouth and caught some of it on my tougne. I swirled it around on my tongne and it tasted like cotton candy. I was exhausted. Leon leaned down once more and kissed me and said until next time and then he got up and gathered his clothes and left. I fell into a blissful sleep. Read more

Pretty, pretty princess

Like most of you I’d heard about random body swapping but or course I didn’t believe it until that fatal day. I’m a guy in my mid thirties who spends to much time playing video games and chasing tail. Just a normal guy. I was hanging out with my girlfriend one Sunday afternoon when it happened. Read more

It’s going to be a WONDERful night

“This was going to be the best Halloween ever! “ I screamed as I left work. I jumped in my car and burned the tires leaving the parking lot. How did I know this night would be so great? I had the best costume money could buy, well my money could buy. I was going to be wearing this new prototype bodysuit that wasn’t available to the general public. Read more

Lesson learned the Hard way

Oh God! Oh God! AWWWWw That’s right bitch I am your god! You like my hard cock in your ass don’t you? YESSSSS Fuckin you hard like the bitch you are. You didn’t know when you messed with my girlfriend she had a boyfriend who is very possessive and knew magic. Did you boy? NOOOOO Well now you get to be my side piece. You’re going to beg for this cock every day. OOOOOOOO YESSSSSS fuck me harder. That’s right here it comes get ready for it. Suddenly the woman felt her ass filled with warm creamy cum. Now you want to suck that dirty cock don’t you bitch? Yes master.

Well…Not Immediatly

“You thought you were going to turn me into the woman and I’d, what, have sex with you immediately!” I screamed at him. He looked at me sheepishly, his voice no more than a whisper, “yeah”. “Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?” I continued screaming. “I can’t believe this. How do you even do something like this?” I was still angry but calming down a bit. He told me it was magic scroll. I stormed out of the room and went to my own room and slammed the door behind me. Read more

Center of Attention

When I came to the comic con I had the idea I would win the cosplay competition as an imposing Darth Vader. I’m 6’3″ and in very good shape. I have no trouble getting girls, if you know what I mean ; So that morning I put on the uniform that my friend had hand made for me. It was perfect even my voice sounded like the character. That’s when things got a bit weird. Suddenly I saw colored lights and heard strange voices in me head. The uniform was starting to contract. I could feel it getting tighter and tighter. When the mask started to crush my face I was freaking out trying my hardest to pull it off. It wouldn’t budge. I fell on the bed and screamed but no one could her me. The suit continued to contract and change the shape of my body. When it was done I was still Darth Vader but and sexy female cosplay version. I started to come to when my boyfriend came in and said hurry up your going to be late. I took so many pictures that day and did win the competition. Read more

In the End

Peter was a lying, cheating bastard. His girlfriend decided to teach him a lesson. One night when Peter thought they were going to get it on her ex showed up. He was big guy and Peter thought he was going to kick his ass. His ass would be involved. Dina and Ken made Peter strip and then she told him that Ken was going to fuck him in the ass. Peter was very scared but Dina said she could do something to make it not quite as bad. She went up to Peter and started chanting and suddenly he felt his body change into a woman. He still took it up the ass but at least he enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next time.