Diet Plan

Kenny, my roommate, and I were getting fatter as the winter pass by. We ate a lot, but exercised as much to counterbalance the unhealthy diet. But in the cold days, we just plain hated to going outside with only our shorts on. It’s too damn cold to go to the gym! Of course, we were getting aware of the problem. Eating habits are very difficult to change. So, we decided to find a way to exercise indoors–so that we won’t have to go outside.

But the exercise equipment were far too expensive. $40 per dumbbell, $200 for a sit-up bench, $1,200 for a running machine? There was no way we could afford that. But what were we going to do to lose our weight? Yoga? They don’t burn enough calories fast enough.

“Hey, sex burns 300 calories per hour,” Kenny suggested jocularly. Well, yes, it’s an indoor activity, doesn’t require much of exercise equipment, and would be quite fun while doing it. The problem: Kenny and I are both guys. Unless…

“Ken, I got a question for you,” I started to speak, “Is it gay if a feminized man and straight guy makes out?” Kenny looked puzzled (because he doesn’t know I have some genderbending potions I got from my wizardry parents) and answered, “I don’t know. Not very much? I never thought about it? Why you ask?” Well, it was decided then. I took out a dusty old box, took out a pink potion in it, and drank it. At instant, I turned into a girl–a girl whom I would look like if I were born female.

Ken was surprised to see a woman in his apartment, but soon figured out what was going on. Kenny suggested, “should we start exercising?” with an emphasis on the word exercise. So we did… everyday and every hour, we would make out.


The winter was almost over, and the weather was warming up nicely. I was visibly thinner than the state I was in months ago. What could I say? I was satisfied with the result. We slept bare naked to each other, but this morning, Ken seemed to be distressed that his amazing sex life was about to be over. And I don’t plan on being his sex toy for another season. The thing is, there is still some potions left in the box, and I think Ken knows it’s his turn to lose his weight.


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