Tough life for a witch single mother

As a 16 year old boy, Ryan was of course very excited when the bombshell Cassandra moved in next door. She was in her twenties and single and without a doubt one of the hottest women Ryan had ever seen.

About a week after she moved in Ryan saw her sunbathing in her backyard wearing nothing but a teeny bikini. He got hard immediately and ran inside. His mother wasn’t home and he could see into Cassandra’s yard from her bedroom window. Once there he dropped his pants to his ankles and started masturbating.

As he neared his orgasm he didn’t hear the car drive up the driveway. When the door opened he jumped and turned, his mother was standing in the door staring at him, dick in hand. He opened his mouth to speak but he waved her hands at him and he froze.

His mother sighed as she approached her son and his eyes followed her. “Again?! Come on Ryan, can’t you at least masturbate in your room like a normal teenage boy?” She glanced out the window and saw Cassandra laying in the sun.

“Come on Ryan! Really?” His mother said and shook her head, “Our neighbor wears a bikini and you can’t help but stare at her breasts and touch yourself? Maybe if you had a pair of your own you wouldn’t focus on them so much.” She said and waved her hands again.

Ryan’s heart leapt into his throat as the changes swept over his body. He watched his mother get taller. He’d been taller than her since he was 14, but not anymore. He felt his hard cock shrink in his hand, eventually slipping from his grip entirely. He felt other changes happening that were more subtle, but the big one he noticed was the sudden feeling of weight on his chest and tightness from his t-shirt.

His mother waved her hands and Ryan unfroze. He looked down and confirmed what he suspected. Tits. And below them a quick pat from his hand confirmed a pussy between his legs.

“Mom!” Ryan shouted in a high pitched voice. He ran to his mom’s dresser and stared at himself in the vanity mirror.

“I’m sorry… Rhonda, but you need to learn that women aren’t just toys to ogle.”

“Don’t call me Rhonda!” Ryan shouted.

“I named you once, I can rename you if I want. I’m going to go call the school and tell them that you are going to be Rhonda for the next six months.” Ryan’s mother said.

“But Moooommmm!” Ryan whined.

“No buts. After I call the school I’ll take you to the mall so we can get you some proper girl clothes.” Ryan’s mom said and headed down the stared.

Ryan turned and looked into the mirror again. He pulled up his shirt. His tits were so big and heavy, but also so perky! He reached up and squeezed them and felt a surge of delight pass through his body, focusing on his new crotch. He’d never squeezed a girl’s tits before, now he could do it anytime he wanted! Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Ryan’s mother sighed after she made the phone call. Being a single mom and a witch was hard. She wasn’t sure this was the best way to teach Ryan to respect women, but she just didn’t approve of the amount of porn he looked at on his computer. She really was worried he was objectifying women too much.

Four months later Rhonda came to her crying, saying she’d missed her period. She confessed to having sex. Quite a lot of sex actually. Her mother was surprised to say the least and didn’t know what to make of it. The next day Rhonda got her period, late but not absent. She was mortified that at what she told her mother.

Her mother was relieved, but also worried. Rhonda didn’t seem to be learning the lesson. Now that she knew what she was looking for it was easy for her to tell that Rhonda was still having sex after the pregnancy scare. Her mother thought that Rhonda needed a more extreme lesson, but she wasn’t ready for grandkids yet!

Maybe if she turned Rhonda into a dog for a few months. Let her mate, deliver some pups, and then raise them. Maybe that would teach her to respect femininity…


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