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Much better @jc123

When Joe was transformed into a woman he thought it’s the end of his life. He hated his breasts and long hair. He hated that his body is small and feminine and mostly he hated the fact that he had to sit down to pee. Joe was searching for a way to get his male body back without any results. The thoughts of being a woman for the rest of his life scared him and no matter what he didn’t want to accept it. The day when his first period came was the worst. Not only he had to use a pad but he was freaking bleeding from down there, not to mention the cramps. It was better to stay away from him at this time. Read more

Heed the warning label

I was having a shitty week. Hell, a shitty month was more like it. Work had me stressed beyond belief. On top of that my girlfriend was out of state spending time with her parents, which made the apartment feel very empty and lonely. I needed something to help me relax. That’s when I thought about taking a bubble bath. My girlfriend loved taking bubble baths, and when she’d get out, she always seemed to radiant and joyful. I looked under the sink and found her bubble bath solution along with some scented candles that I noticed were from the same company. I figured I might as well go all out. I started filling the tub, then read the label on the bottle to see how much I should put it. There was a warning that said it was for women only, but I chalked that up to to the company trying to be funny. The label boasted its ability to enhance every aspect of a woman’s body as well as be made of the essence of femininity itself, but there was no direction as far as the amount I should use. I figured the company was just saying stuff to get their otherwise ordinary product to sell and just put in an amount at my own discretion.
The bubble bath was soothing, The water seemed to such the aches right out of my body, and the scented candles seemed to erase all the stressful thoughts from my mind. Before I realized I had nodded off for what felt like just a moment, but a quick glance at the clock told me it was more than an hour. As my senses came back to me, I started to notice all kinds of things. Looking down I found two large breasts adorning my chest and two very feminine looking legs at the far end of the tub. I reached my hands to my face and found it to feel completely foreign. My hand then shot down between my legs where my familiar organ seemed to have gone missing. I started to panic, but the scent of the candles was still there, calming me. Was it really so bad? I mean I did feel absolutely great.

Not how it’s supposed to go

When Gwen saw her ex, Kyle, talking with other girls at the gym she’d had enough. It was bad enough he’d cheated on her before they broke up, but watching him laugh and flirt with other women just pissed her off. The girls would laugh at his jokes and smile at him. Didn’t they know he was an asshole!? Read more

Perils of a Warlock Roommate

My roommate was always a jealous prick. It started off bad enough. He was jealous of my height. I was 6’6″ and he was 5’9″. He used his magic to shrink me to 5’6″. Read more

warlocks threesome

I had been dating Becca for about a month and did my best not to push for sex too hard. We’d talk about it occasionally but she always seemed reluctant to do anything. Read more

Not part of the orientation material

Like everyone else, at age 21 I underwent the government ordered mandatory gender swap. The change wasn’t too bad and I knew at the end of a year I’d get to change back. I’d seen my sister go through it two years ago when she became my brother, and over the past few months my friends had been turning into women one by one. Now I’d be on the other side of the gender fence too. Read more

Real women

Marcus was always saying how much he loved girls with huge tits. watching TV one day at home with his strictly platonic (and also twig like) friend Gwen, he commented on some women in an ad. They were thin but had very large, round tits. Gwen scolded him insisting that women with big tits in real life were always kind of over weight, and that therefore the women in that ad surely had to have work done. Marcus flippantly called her jealous and that he didn’t care if a girl was over weight if she had nice tits. That was when Gwen’s eyes started to glow. Read more

Story about a guy named Lucky

Lucky didn’t live up to his namesake. An orphan, it seemed like things never went Lucky’s way. He was always hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things, and stuggling just to get by. When he was 18 he was flat broke and his options were live on the street or sell drugs to get by. He decided to try selling drugs and got busted on his first sale. After a couple years in lock up Lucky got released. With no where to go and no real friends he could rely on, Lucky ended up on the streets after all. The only thing he owned any more that was worth anything was the pair of glasses he needed to see. Read more

Accepting The Virus

That it, it’s over. I tought as the girl in pink shirt kissed me. This girl, Diana used to be my friend Dan. Well she was untill she got infected. “Aron you don’t have to run from me. It’s still me, I’m just look a little different” she said to me right after she changed in front of my eyes.
“Just look at the news, the virus as spread anywhere” she said. “I won’t force you to join me, but you will get infected sooner or later”.
“I prefer taking the chances” I said a little surprised she didn’t force me to change. “It’s your choice, but changing your gender isn’t so easy. It would be much more easier if you have your friend by your side” Diana tried to convince me. “It doesn’t look like you took it that hard” I said to her. “I didn’t. Because I chose it. I wanted to change so I got infected on purpose” she said. “This is a lie! The Dan I know would never agrea to such a thing” I said unbelieving to my ears. “This is the truth. And as a friend of you I’m telling the easiest way to go trough the changes is to accept it”.
“Man snap out of it” I said to her. “First I am not a man, I am a woman. And second it is still me your best friend, and I will always be your friend even if you decide to remain yourself” she said to me. “Dan is it still you inside there” I asked. “Of course it’s me, Aron” she said in her soft and cute voice. “Will it hurt? The change?” I started to get convinced. “Not at all. Just say it and join me” she pushed me. “Okey let’s do it” I finally agreed. With a huge smile Diana kissed me.
That it, it’s over . I tought as we kissed. It felt so good, how her breast pushed against my chest. I could imagine how soon my breast will push her breast away. how my long hair will blew in the wind.
And soon it wasn’t my imagination anymore my hair did grew longer and turned into light brown. I felt how my whole body was changing, shrinking and becoming feminine.
Without of my control I released the most feminine moan I ever heared. I was in total shock it was me. I was actually moaning.
Then all my body hair disapeared as my hands became small and dainty. I felt some fabric on my shoulders and I already knew what as that. It was a bra. But I didn’t mind. All I did was to keep kissing Diana. It felt so good. I wanted it, I wanted to become a woman.
Then my shirt changed into very tight black shirt that leaved my back revealed.
Then I felt her breast pushing away from me. I didn’t looked down. I already knew what is happening, it was my turn to have my own boobs. And god they felt so good.
Then my ass got bigger and rounder as my pants turned into very tight grey shorts.
Diana grabed my ass and squized it as moan even more. my shorts at first felt so tight on my dick but then the pain started to disapear. I knew what is happening and I felt no regret. In about seconds later I was no longer a man. I was a woman a complete beautiful woman.
“This feels so good” I said in such a girly voice. “I’m glad you joined me. And what about your name? Aron doesn’t fit you now” Diana said. “You are right, I am Erin now” I chose my new name.
“It feels so good I just want and share those feeling with everyone. Every man should know how great it is to be a woman” I said as we began our journey to infect others.

Tough life for a witch single mother

As a 16 year old boy, Ryan was of course very excited when the bombshell Cassandra moved in next door. She was in her twenties and single and without a doubt one of the hottest women Ryan had ever seen. Read more