Bimbo 101

The class was surprised when the door opened and a blonde woman with a grey tank top walks in, smiling at everyone.

“Hello class,” she says in a seductive voice. “My name is Karen, and I’ll be teaching you today.”

“What happened to Mr. Singer?” One of the boys asks, trying not to be distracted by the woman’s cleavage.

“He’s, otherwise occupied right now,” Karen says with a smile, sitting up on the desk. “And I’m going to give you all a special lesson, Sheila how about you come join me?”

A quiet girl in the back of the class gets to her feet, heading up and depositing herself in front of Karen. Karen smiles and pulls up her top, revealing Sheila’s bare breasts underneath. Karen starts to rub the girl’s breasts, causing her to moan.

“Today’s lesson, how to best bring the bimbo out of a woman who’s infected.

That’s when the girls in the class started stripping off their clothing and jumping on the men. The class descends into a massive bimbo orgy that soon spreads throughout the building and across campus.


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