All that he wants

Thomas and Wendy’s break up was rough. Wendy knew it was ending first and started pulling away. They stopped having sex or any real intimacy. Thomas was clueless that their relationship was on the rocks, and just knew he wasn’t getting laid like he used to.

So imagine her surprise when he broke up with her. The strain their relationship had been under made him less than tactful. He called her a prude who didn’t have tits big enough to squeeze. He said that he was an animal, and he needed to be fucked all the time, and since she wouldn’t put out he was going to go elsewhere.

Wendy’s magic only flared up when she was under a lot of stress, and the break up combined with stress at work was enough for an incident. Thomas screaming stopped as he morphed into a busty woman.

While Thomas groped at his new body, Wendy knew what had happened. She’d accidentally turned Thomas into the kind of woman he wanted. Still angry, she shrugged and left Thomas alone, confused, and aroused in the apartment. She knew his roommate would be home soon, and he’d take care of Thomas’s new needs.


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