Tired of your attitude

Hannah had enought of her two sons Martin (25) and Paul (28). Despite already graduating and the fact that they were adult men now they still lived at her house. To make things worse they were lazy and never helped her, instead she had to clean their mess. She tried to persuade them into finding a girlfriend and starting their own life, only for them to arrogantly brush her off. Thats when she decided to change things. She went to the basement and took an old book from the box. She chanted a spell which changed everything.

Now Hannah have two lovely teenage daughters Paula (19) and Marcy (17). They are wery helpfull with the housework, sometimes Hannah didn’t need to do anything since the girls were doing the work for her. Hannah had to admit they were the best daughters, polite,smart and hardworking. She didn’t have to worry about them staying at her house for the rest of her life. Paula had already a boyfriend while Marcy lately told her that she is having a date.


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