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Hard to turn on

Lately I was looking for a roommate. After a few candidates I finally found Robert. He was 27 years old just like me and he seemed to be a nice guy. He signed the agreement and soon moved in. Read more


“So how do you like my body?” Stacy asked. “It’s wonderfull. I feel so sexy. Thank you so much for lending me your body” James said taking a picture in his underwear, admiring Stacy’s body. “No problem. Did you have some fun?” Stacy asked while still being in James’s body. James suddenly lowered his head. “About that… I’m really sorry but i had sex with Mike” James said embarassed. Stacy rised her eyebrow waiting for him to continue. “I’m really sorry. I know how much you like him. I didn’t want to but when we talked at work he seemed to be so nice so i asked him out. After that we went to his place, we had a few glasses of wine and the next thing i know we were both naked making love” James explained. “Don’t worry James, it’s fine. I probably wouldn’t be able to ask him out so it’s good you made the first step” Stacy smiled. “So you’re not mad?” James asked. “Of course not. But tell me how was he? I need to know what i’ve missed” Stacy went closer. “It was amazing. He’s such a good kisser and the way he works with his equipment! I had three orgasms!” James exclaimed. “Good to see it was worth it” Stacy laughed. “Do you think we can do this again” James asked hoping she will agree. “Again? Sweetie you don’t need to ask me for permission anymore” Stacy said. “What do you mean?” James was curious. “James, when i used the spell to swap our bodies i made it permament. It’s your body now and you are free to do whatever you want” Stacy said. James looked at her shocked. His enthusiasm suddenly disappeared. Sure he had fun in her body but actually becoming her? James had some serious doubts about it.

Week as his mom

Sharon had used some sort of magic spell to teach her son a lesson about adulthood. His behavior was bad recently so this will be a perfect oportunity to show him how hard could be a life of an adult. In an instant Mike turned form a 16 years old boy into a 35 years old woman who was an excact copy of his mother. She then told him he would take her place for a week and turned into a copy of Mike. She left him alone so Mike could get used to his new body and packed her things for the school trip Mike was supposed to go but now she will go instead. Read more

Older sibling

It wasn’r easy to be the younger sibling in this family and 12 years old Owen know it best. His older brother Tom had most privileges and priority. It was always like this, the oldest one gets everything. Owen thought it was unfair. His parents already promised his brother a new car in a few months while Owen could only watch and envy. He decided to put an end to this with some help of magic.
He bought a spell thats supposed to make him older. He made sure nobody is at home at the moment and locked himself in the bathroom. As he chanted the spell the words started to fade from the scroll. Now Owen could only wait for the result.
Soon his body started to grow. “It’s working!” Owen exclaimed. But there was something suspicious, his body didn’t get any more masculine as he had thought it would, instead his skin was becoming soft. His hands were dainty, his legs smooth and sexy and his feet small. When his hair grew long Owen knew he screwed up something but it was too late as his chest swelled forming a pair of nice breasts. After that his worst nightmare began as his manhood got sucked inside his body and been replaced by a vagina. Owen looked terrified at the girl in the mirror, the girl he had become. Read more

Too late to go back

I was worried about my son when he met this girl, Amanda. She seemed nice at first until i found out her true nature. I knew this girl would put him in trouble but my son didn’t listen to me. Mike was head over heels for her and i couldn’t do anything about it. Teenagers are foolish so i had to act quickly, my son’s grades were already getting worse and i had a call from the principal noticing me about his behavior. Read more

Look what have you done

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Adam asked. “You idiot! Do you realize what you just did!” Martin yelled in a high piched voice. “Oh so when you’re doing this it’s fine but when it’s my turn then you get angry? You were turning me into a girl for the past two weeks. I had to pretend to be your girlfriend the whole time so you could boast about it at school. You owe me something so now you will be my girlfriend” Adam defended himself.
“But you don’t know how to use it” Martin looked terrified. “Of course i know. You’re a chick now so it worked” Adam didn’t understand what’s the problem. Martin shook his head “Did you precise for how long the spell should work” Martin asked. “No. Should i?” Adam was slowly becoming aware why Martin was so angry. “Well done Potter” Martin said sarcastically. “If you don’t precise how long the spell should work then…” Martin paused for a moment, the words couldn’t leave his mouth. “You become a girl forever?” Adam asked but by looking at Martin’s face he could guess the answer. “Dude i’m sorry i didn’t mean to” Adam apologized but Martin didn’t listen to him. It looks like he would need a new name and some clothes to fit his new body.

Getting rid of him

When my father passed away he left us quite a fortune, enough so we could not worry about money for the rest of our lives. My mother didn’t waste any money and saved as much as she could for our future. That was until Tom appeared in our lives. That leech warped my mom around himself and sucked from her bank account. She was madly in love with him, after all he was the first man in her life after my father died. I couldn’t reason with her so i had to find another way to get rid of Tom. Read more

Part of his plan

You never learn daddy do you? How many time i have to swap our bodies so you will finally understand what i feel? When will you become the father every teenage girl deserves” Katie said from her father’s body. John who was now his own daughter lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry” He said quietly. “Sorry or not you know the rules. You’re staying in my body for three days” She said and left the room. John crossed his arms. He waited to make sure his daughter was away. “Finally, i thought she would never leave” John smiled. “She can have my body as much as she wants. I’m going to stay here and enjoy my youth”. Read more

You won’t steal my dreams

Tom still remembers the look on Ryan’s face when he casted the spell.
It was back when Tom fought for the position of the sales manager. It was his dream, he worked so hard and now he was so close to finally get it. But it all went to hell when his co worker, Ryan started to play dirty. He was spreading nasty rumors about how Tom is treating women. The bosses heard about it and decided that it will be Ryan who get’s the position. Tom was furious. If Ryan wanted to play dirty let it have his way. Read more

Playing innocent

“What the hell is going on!” Lauren screamed as she woke up. “I have no idea” Kevin shrugged his shoulders, trying to look as innocent as he could. “I just woke up and suddenly realized i’m you” Kevin said to his aunt. “Maybe it’s a dream” He said. “Well i’m sure it’s not. Especially feeling this hard thing in my pants” Lauren winced. “Oh don’t worry. It’s completely normal” Kevin said adjusting the straps of his nightgown. “It’s not normal! I’m a woman not a teenage boy!” Lauren yelled. “Easy, i’m sure there is a way back” Kevin went closer to his aunt and give her a hug, seeing as she begin to cry. Read more