The witch was right

“You know Tim, I first didn’t know what that witch meant when she gave me the spell and said ‘get into the position beneath him for a last time, you’ll enjoy it’ … but now I do” Emily said while is cheating ex was getting fucked from behind.
“It was already alot of fun seeing you change into that blonde little slut with perky tits, it was even more fun to see you react and scream in your girly girl voice claiming you were still the macho man Tim, but it’s priceless laying here, looking into your new face and waiting for the moment when the spell turns permanent.”
“What do you ..ummm, mm oohhhhhh, mean … ” Tim started to ask when he felt a warm liquid shooting inside his new vagina.
“Oh god, that moment was really priceless. I think you know now what that meant” Emily said laughing while getting up from the bed. “Have fun with your life … um, oh right, the witch said I can even pick your name when the spell is permanent. Well, you always made fun of my best friend because she had a stripper name in your opinion. Who knows, maybe you can actually use it after you gave birth to your baby boy in 9 months …. Misty.”


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