Lesbian Couple

“And? How does her body feel?”, Holger asked his boyfriend Uli purringly.
Both of them had the ability to take over someones body at will.

They currently were at the mall, when they spotted a young lesbian couple making out on a bench, offside from the main path. Uli got the idea not to miss out on the fun, so they both casually walked over, Holger sat down to their left and Uli to their right. So far the two girls hadn’t noticed them and in the moment they felt a strange pain, like something was pushing forcefully inside of them, it was already over.
“Wow what a rush!”, Holger chirped in his new soprano. “I can feel that her panties are already damp. And my lips are so wet from all the french kissing they did before. Maybe we should speed it up? Care if we head on home to continue their love session?” Instead of answering, Uli leaned in and gave him another sensual wet kiss on the lips, as they could feel their new breasts being pressed against each others with their sensitive nipples already on attention. They began to unterstand why the two girls took their time with kissing, swirling around their tongues in each others mouth, tasting each other, it was too sensual in those female bodies to simply rush it.

As soon as they could seperate themselves, they rapidly drove home. There they stripped out of everything but the necklaces and the hairbands to keep their now long hair out of the way. Holger quickly positioned himself on the corner of their bathtub, spread his legs for Uli and waited for round two to start.

They quickly came to the conclusion, that lesbians had the bether deal…


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