Moving In!

The large ornate wooden door swung open with a creak and a thud, welcoming the new owner of Sutterley Manor.
“God damn! this place is MASSIVE!” Mark the new owner voice echoed around the dim atrium. A new and extremely cheap listing on the market, anyone would have been out of their mind not to check out such a steal. As he walked around admiring the antiques and paintings all in their original untouched positions on walls, tables and standing against the walls. Mark rubbed his chin, still in awe at how remarkable his luck was. He could spend hours exploring his new home with all its wings, intricacies, and nooks and crannys however the large oak grandfather clock donged, letting the occupant know that it was midnight and time for bed. “Well…I guess I can check out everything else tomorrow. Just a shame I didn’t leave earlier though, took me hours to get here.” Mark thought, going to fetch his bag and wheel it up into the master bedroom.

After unpacking, checking out the new bedroom, and putting fresh sheets on the bed, Mark was finally ready for bed. Stripping out of his clothes, he decided nobody would be able to stop from taking full advantage of living alone, catching a glimpse of his pasty white self in a golden, curvy mirror beside the doorframe. As he lay in the plush four poster double bed, Mark sunk into its embrace, shutting his eyes and smiling at his fortune. He drifted in and out of sleep, his mind full of thought. This house made him feel like a new person. Independent, important and most importantly…cold? He opened his eyes to see a large misty blue shape hovering over him. A shimmering cold blue cloud. His eyed went wide and he rolled out of the bed in astonishment.
“So…you wish to taint my house with your disgusting self?” The soft yet stern feminine voice cooed. “YOUR house? Look…cloud thing, I bought this house. I own it! I don’t know what the fuck you are, but you better leave!” Mark demanded, somewhat unnerved with the apparition. “Your house? Very well…be careful what you wish for.” the cloud moved toward Mark who tried to escape by bolting the the door. He made it halfway across the carpet when a cool rushing sensation knocked him to the ground, infront of the mirror.

His body rose on its own, standing upright infront of the mirror, the room and Mark reflected back however the cloud had vanished. “Oooh I’m right here, don’t worry” a soothing voice in his mind reassured him. “Where!? Where are you? Why can’t I move?” Mark shouted about the dimly lit room. “Oh I’m in you, my darling. In your mind. That is why you can’t move, but you will…soon” Mark didn’t have a chance to react before his bones snapped and shifted inwards, his arms and legs shortening, his height diminishing from a modest 5″9″ to a diminutive 5″4″. His somewhat hairy body shed its hair, falling to the creme carpet, and skin darkening to a smooth tan. “Your features are…undesirable, at the moment. However I think you can be a suitable host” she purred. “Host!? For WHAT?” He screamed, dreading her response. His hand and feet shrank, their nails lengthening, above his calves slimmed and thighs thickened, almost crushing his cock and balls, causing him to yell. “For me, of course~” she giggled as his hip snapped outwards to curvaceous child bearing proportions. He gritted his teeth as his doughy belly drained, its mass trickling away as his ass pushed out, swelling to a delicious squishy curve. “I can’t walk about my home or command my servants in your form. Nor can I seduce and pleasure those without the right….assets” she hesitated, but changes swiftly followed. Mark’s decent cock didn’t even get a chance to grow erect one last time, before his plump thighs squished his balls back up inside him, creating his inner channel and womb. His flaccid member dribbled and spluttered his cum down his legs as it shriveled and sucked back up, his tip reforming into a sensitive clit and his urethra opening and widening, to a warm, wet and welcoming opening, enclosed in his new soft pink labia.

“What the fuck!? Why would you do this? You’re SICK!” Mark cried, lamenting the loss of his little buddy. As his pubic hair fluttered down to the floor, revealing his new sex, the spirit coldly replied “Don’t you mean I’M sick? After all, you ARE me,” Mark shook his head, causing his budding bosom to jingle more and more as it swelled out and grew to a pert C cup, topped with growing and hardening tanned nipples, trying to deny what was happening. Like it was nothing but a bad dream. “I-I am Lady Mark! I mean, my name is Sutterley! I mean….Fuck! LADY SUTTER-*Ugh*-LEY~!” He shouted as his voice broke to a soft, cooing tone, akin to that which filled his mind. He tried to avert his eyes from his body but the more he looked at his breasts, the more he noticed how soft, and firm and suckable they seemed. the sight of his dripping womanhood spurred a hot need inside him. An empty feeling craving to be filled yet, somehow familiar. Flashes of images like men he had bedded or elegant parties, servants “disciplined” or travelling the town by carriage darted across his memory. Panting heavily, Lady Sutterley saw her chance, while Mark was distracted on the flood of her past, and allowed her soft brunette locks to tumble down from her scalp. She smiled in the mirror, watching her face soften, lips plumping, nose becoming less angular and smaller, eyebrows thinning and arching their colour and her eyes flickering to a deep brown, framed by soft thick fluttering eyelashes.

Mark snapped out of the mental changes, like how to apply make-up or tie up a corset, and saw his new unrecognisable form. “Oh My God! You!….You-” “I have made you into me. Yes. However, I will need to adapt to this…modern time, so I will have to meld with your knowledge of this new era” She gently spoke. Mark felt his head crash like to waves smashing into each other, collapsing against the mirror, his vision going dark, as everything faded away.
Alyssa Sutterley opened her eyes, her hot, sweaty body pressed against the cool mirror. Everything felt familiar, yet…new. “Mmmmm, I look VERY sexy in this light” she cooed, admiring her youthful, slutty body in the mirror. Her caramel curves and chestnut hair exuding sexuality. She couldn’t believe her fortune. The new heiress to Sutterley Manor and she FULLY intended on making use of ballroom for parties and cellar of aged liquors. And the 16 beds in every bedroom~


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