The Weirdest Party of My Life… (PART II)

I woke up the next morning groggy and tired, as if I’d slept for no more than an hour, even though it felt like I’ve been hibernating. Groaning, I tried to sit up but an arm constricted me from doing so. It was a female hand. Then I glanced down at two perky breasts, and the room that I was in. I sat there for a moment and then realized what had just happened last night. My friend Richie had somehow turned himself and me into girls. How? Beats me. And I was now in bed with a girl I did not know in Anthony Carlucci’s mansion. I had to find him quick and figure out what the hell to do. Then the girl next to me started moaning.

“Mmmmh. Awake are we now?” The girl said. She adjusted her arm and slowly moved her hand down my stomach and to my bare groin. She started rubbing “my” pussy, filling me with intense pleasure. She rubbed slowly, massaging my clit. “I enjoyed last night.” She whispered.
“Me too…” I replied, considering the fact that I had no recollection of what happened last night. I guess that’s the effect of a hangover…

“I’d like to see you more often. I haven’t quite met a girl quite as surrendering as you.” Well, I’m starting to get a SENSE of what happened last night…

“Yeah. Me too.” I said, and started stroking the hair out of her eyes. She was beautiful. Her soft red hair flowed down her head. She had big blue eyes that someone could get trapped in, a small nose and luscious lips. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was a model. She glanced up at me and smiled slightly. My heart ached and I could no longer control myself. I sat up and approached her face, planting a long kiss on her lips. She reached up and held my head gently as we made out. I lifted my head up and stared at her gorgeous face again, smiling.
“I’d love to see more of you too.” I said, and we kissed again. I laid back down next to her as we finished and glanced to my left at a clock. It was 4:00am! I shot up in bed, my tits jiggling violently as I sat up. I glanced over at the girl, who was looking strangely at me. “I’ve gotta go.” I said, and she looked slightly disappointed, but smiled again.

“Okay.” She said swiftly, hitting me again with that alluring smile. I got out of the bed, and saw myself in the full-sized mirror… naked. I stared at myself for a moment. If I thought I was hot before, I confirmed that now. I shook my head and looked around for my clothes, finding them on the floor at the tip of the bed, rushing to put them on. The girl had gotten up now too, and wrapped a towel around herself. Once I was finally dressed, I walked over to the girl, and sighed.

“After all that drinking, I uh, never got your name.” I managed to say. She smiled and cocked her head.

“It’s Delilah.” She said, laughing slightly, and putting her head down. Then she handed me a small piece of paper. I took it and glanced down at it; it was her phone number. “Call me sometime. We’ll do this again.” She said, winking. Then she leaned in and kissed me again. I loved every second of it. Then she leaned back and walked into the bathroom. I wanted to stay, but God knows what would’ve happened if I would’ve woke up later in the morning, confronted by Carlucci.

I walked out of the bedroom and downstairs to the living room, where I spotted a blonde girl sleeping on the couch. A closer look revealed it was Rich, or JESS, whatever he said her name was. I walked over to her and kicked her foot. She didn’t wake up, but started SNORING slightly no less. I kicked her foot harder this time and she woke up, looking around quickly. When she saw me, she groaned.

“Seriously,” She started to say. “Was it THAT good that you had to sleep with that broad all this time?” She finished. I just looked at her, and then I started thinking of the girl again. Delilah; what a beautiful name. Oh, this was bad. I haven’t even left the house yet and I’m already missing her.

“I’m ready to go now.” I said once I snapped out of it.

“Good. Me too.” Jess said, getting up and stumbling right into my arms. She was worse than me. She stood up again and held her hands out. “I’m fine. A little hangover isn’t going to get the best of me.” We left the house and went to pickup truck.

“Why don’t you let me drive?” I offered.

“Naaaaahhhhh.” She said. “I’m fine.” She swayed a little bit as she took out her remote for the car and stared at it. “Uh, which one is the unlock button?” She asked. I sighed, pushing back my long hair. I walked over and snatched the keys, unlocking the truck.

“Get in.” I said, getting into the driver’s seat. She mimicked me and laughed. She was high as a damn kite. We drove to Jess’s house and I put the truck on the carport. Jess was near asleep by now, so I had to throw her arm over my shoulder and help her in. When we got inside her house, Jess crashed on the couch. KNOCKED. OUT. I shook my head. Guess I’m not getting any answers tonight.

I went upstairs into the bathroom and took off my clothes, looking at myself in the mirror once again. I laid my hands on my breasts and squeezed them gently, pleasuring myself. I could get used to this…

I stepped into the shower and let the water run over me, sending some nice sensations through my body. I was surprised to see female bath products on the ledge of the shower. I guess Rich had really gone into this 100%. I washed myself, scrubbing the soap over my smooth skin. I went down to my groin hesitantly, but I conjured up the courage to go “in there” myself. I stuck my two fingers into my vagina, giving me some of the best pleasure I’ve experienced in my life.

“Oh. Ohhhhhh. Oh my gosh….” I moaned in the shower, hoping that nobody heard me. I was literally sitting in the tub now, masturbating, but oh my, how good it felt! Then I spotted something in the corner, something big, and purple. A dildo… When I grabbed that, all hell broke loose as I thrusted that thing back and forth into my vagina.

When I had finally gotten out of the shower, I was worn out from the rough masturbation session I’d just had. I dried myself off and was very thorough when it came to drying my hair. I used to mock my sister for that back then. I put on a towel and walked into Richie’s closet, which was FILLED with girl clothes. I put on whatever fit me, but neglected a bra. Jess’s tits were twice the size as mine…

I went back downstairs and sat on the other end of the L-shaped couch. Jess was fast asleep, still in the same face –down position she was before. I kept thinking about Delilah, how I could be myself, my NORMAL self, yet still transform into Marina to keep seeing her. When Jess finally comes to, I’m going to have to get the details about this whole shenanigan. Until then, I’d have to rest up, and I closed my eyes, slowly drifting away…

Hey everyone, thanks again for reading this caption and many others! If you aren’t already familiar with this series of mine, be sure to go ahead and read Part I, because there is more to come!
And apologies for writing this sequel so late, but college has been a pain…
Nevertheless, I’d always appreciate to hear any suggestions you may have for this series or any new captions! Thanks!



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