A Rich Boys Second Puberty

When originally diagnosed with Second Puberty Danny was not happy, things like this weren’t supposed to happen to people like this. His parents were rich, he had grown up going to private school, getting everything and every girl he wanted, they used to throw themselves at him.

And now he had these breasts, and these wide hips and suddenly girls wanted nothing to do with him, if anything they got jealous of his body. Now men were always talking with him at parties and making him miserable.

Though when a producer for E! came to him pitching a reality TV show that would follow him around, document his life and such. How could he not take up an opportunity like that, showing all those annoying people up and getting famous.

And Famous he got, the show was an instant hit, even bigger than the Kardashians, offers started flying in for sposorships, photo shoots and interviews. Now he’s headlining the Summer issue of a fashion magazine, his sexy body eye candy for all sorts of people.

In the end Danny was even more successful after his Second Puberty than before.


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