The three hundred

It will be hard to believe, but one day, for no reason at all, I found an old dusty notebook on my desk. It was completely empty, no one had written on it before. I didn’t give it much thought, I was sure someone else had forgotten it. I took it to the front desk, but as soon as I was back at my desk, the notebook was there again. It was impossible, almost like it had teleported or something.

I just left it at my desk for weeks. I really wanted to buy a new car, as I was browsing the web, I saw the price of my dream car, and decided to scribble on the notebook: “I need 30,000 usd to buy a new car”. I felt a small gust of wind, I didn’t make much of it, I just continued working. Later that day, as I was about to leave the office, I openned my drawer, and to my amazement, there were 300 hundred dollar bills in it. “what the?” I said outloud, while looking around, “maybe this is some joke” I thought. I grabbed the money and hid it in my backpack. As I stood up from my chair, I noticed the notebook again. “Maybe…” I thought for a second “maybe, it was the notebook…” I picked it up, and walked outside.

I took the subway. The man sitting at my side was listening to some heavy music. It was kind of annoying. I took the notebook, “time for a test drive” I said as I wrote in it “the man in the blueshirt is listening to” I was about to write to an english band or something, but decided to have a little fun “to a boy band”. Gust of wind again, and I noticed how his music changed completely. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was such a big guy, with tattoos and everything, and he was enjoying listening to some boy band. “That doesn’t look to manly… maybe” I said to myself as I wrote: “He is now a cute 21 year old woman named Emily”. As I felt a gust of wind, I saw the man being replaced by a really cute woman. No one was aware of the changes. Only me.

I approached her and said “Hi, sorry to bother you, I like your choice of music” I told her. “Thanks, my brother disapproves, but ever since I was a little girl I loved this kind of music”. Great, she is even unaware of the changes. I invited her out, but she told me “sorry, but you are not my type”. That was easy to solve, I grabbed the notebook and wrote “I am Emily’s type”. As with my previous wishes, Gust of wind. When it was over, I didn’t notice any changes. I walked towards her again. “Aren’t I your type?” I asked her, she smiled, “well, yes of course, I am just a little shy, I don’t usually date girls that ask me out while on the subway.

I asked for her phone, but she just told me, “why wait? I am getting down on the next stop, come with me, to my place”. I agreed, I couldn’t believe I had met a cute lesbian girl like me while on the subway, and all thanks to my new notebook.

When we got to her place. Her house was almost falling appart. Two big guys were there. I guess they were her friends when she used to be a man. “These are my brothers” she said. If I
wasn’t a lesbian, I would be all over them. I wish I could help her, I wasn’t used to having a magic notebook, so I grabbed it, and wrote “Emily has no brothers, she has one lesbian sister, named Tiffany and she is dating Amy”. I saw them both transform into women. The whole thing was making me wet.

I then wrote, “Emily is rich, she, and her family live in a big house uptown”. This time, everything felt more like a tornado, instead than a gust of wind. When everything was back to normal, I felt Emily reach for my pussy and started massaging it. It felt great, she knew exactly wht I liked, I placed my right hand on my breasts, and my left hand on her pussy. I could hear her sister and friend having lesbian sex too.

Afterwards, I looked for my notebook, but it was nowhere to be found, I guess the whole tornado thing missplaced it. But oh well, it isn’t important now, I have the perfect life: a loving girlfriend, 30,000 usd cash in my purse. If I were to wish something else, it would be that someone has as much fun with the notebook as I already had.


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