It’s 2124 and society had changed dramatically in the last hundred years, everyone now attends school until the age of 20. During the final year those who scored below a certain mark find themselves changed into the ideal partner of one of those who scored higher, the higher you score the larger your harem you could build which eventually turned into a status symbol.

It was the first week of our final year and the teacher started announcing those who had passed and I was surprised to hear that I wasn’t on there, I was fairly intelligent so I should’ve passed.

Me: “What!? I didn’t pass? You can’t do this!”
Teacher: “According to the score sheet, you failed by one point, should’ve paid a bit more attention in math.”

I went to continue arguing when the teacher pulled out a remote control and pushed a button, there was an electric shock from the back of my neck, looking around and all my classmates who weren’t on the list were also grabbing their necks, it must be something in our interface chips. “Sit down and pay attention.” the teacher told the class, all those holding their necks sat down silently, eyes forward, giving the teacher their undivided attention.

“I have activated your obedience mode, you’ll now head to the front of the class room so your classmates can choose their partners”. I didn’t even want to fight what she told me as I walked up to the front of the room.

Teacher: “Ok, lets get this started, Arin, you have one partner, come up and choose.”
Arin: “I guess I’ll take my friend here home” *Pointing at me*
Teacher: “Alright, here’s your controller and I’ve transferred full obedience to you, why not test it out?”
Arin: “Ok, do the chicken dance and while your at it, cheer up!”

A huge smile spread across my face as I started to dance, I had never been happier in my life, eventually the teacher told us to take our seats while the others made their choices. After everything was said and done, we were told to go home early today. Walking into Arins house, he told me to sit down on the lounge.

Arin: “I always thought I would have a bimbo wife but when I saw my best friend standing there I just couldn’t let you go to someone else, so I decided to choose you. I’ll still have to make you a great wife but I wont be messing with your personality… too much.”

Arin started setting up the remote with his preferences which he then showed me, ‘hot female body; loves satisfying her husband; loves dressing sexily; loves housework; loves cooking.’
“Anything else you would add in my situation?” Arin asked, still under the obedience command I blurted out my fetishes.

Me: “I would add loves giving blow jobs and boob jobs!”
Arin: “Ooh, good call. I’ll add that and also give you huge boobs as icing on the cake.”

Arin pressed the ‘Activate’ button and I begun to glow, my body warping. A few moments later it had finished, I looked down moving my new long hair out of the way, I was now in my schools girls uniform complete with skirt and tie. I undid the tie and started unbuttoning my top so I could get a look at these bad girls, I looked up at Arin and said as I put my finger in the corner of my mouth.

Me: “Well, wanna test these out?”


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